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The scales quiet right now, but that will change dramatically this afternoon. You can see a few boats head out of Paradise Marina to fish.

We have been live on the Delaware Surf Fishing Facebook page  at the scales as well as Paradise Marina’s cameras, which we have on the DSF website on a page, click the link to go there.  We apologize for any dropped signals, it is not easy keeping a phone hooked up all day.   The phone gets hot, knocked off the tripod (four times), and then there is Facebook itself.  If copy-written music starts playing, sometimes Facebook will cut the feed and we have to start over again.  Sometimes you lose your signal too, if you lose the feed, restart Facebook, and if it isn’t that check your browser.  If we lose the feed, we will upload that video and while that is happening we will start over again which means you need to look on the Delaware Surf Fishing Facebook page for the new “live video” post.  Also since these live videos do not save to a phone if they do not upload and that also happens, we lose the video.  Huge thanks to Kimi for being there, so we can get a full video at the end of the event. We will see you at the scales at four this afternoon.  It’s going to be a long afternoon into the evening, probably longer than yesterday.  Thank you to all of the anglers for their patience, that was a very long line of fish.   There is a lot of behind the scenes work people do not realize with these tournaments, I know Al Tortella and the crew appreciate it.   Good luck today to all the anglers, someone is going home with a hundred grand!

Fish On!

Rich King

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Flounder Pounder Open LIVE Webcam


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