Watch Florence Live And In Color

 There are all kinds of weather apps and they have a lot of functions or layers.  I like My Radar for my phone, but  I like to use ventusky when I am on my computer.  It is easy to use and very accurate.  You can watch Florence hit the coast and see the effects of winds rain etc., live with the different layers or options.  Be your own weather person, watch what happens live and in color.

    Be safe and smart, if you aren’t prepared if a storm it is time to think about that.  Just because you won’t see any major issues from Florence, so far, it is always good to be prepared for any storm.    What do you need?  Do you live in the woods?  If a tree fell across your driveway could you get out?  Do you have extra gas to run your vehicles if you need to use them to keep warm or charge communication devices?  A power inverter is a great way to run electrical devices andis cheaper than a generator.  It sounds crazy but to be over prepared is not a bad thing at all, ever. 

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