Watch Your Feet In The Water Man O Wars Still coming Ashore


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Man O war found on Conquest beach .. photo by Sarah Brasiel

The east winds keep pushing man o wars onto Delmarva beaches from Ocean City MD to Cape Henlopen State Park.  If you are standing in the surf wash bare-legged like most of us do this time of year, watch your six.  Debris and critters can wash in behind you and then hit you from behind.   

The winds will shift to the northeast and east later today so it could still be an issue.  Over the weekend the winds wil shift west which should keep anymore from washing up. 

   Swimming at night is risky due to the fact you can’t see anything that would wash onto the beach.  A few years ago Kevin Baldwin almost got zapped while he was cutting bait when a wave pushed onto the higher beach area and brought a man o war with it.   He did the best thing, took the only existing man o war selfie and then buried it.   

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Kevin Baldwin said this was his fishing buddy last night. Portuguese Man O War. SO he took a selfie with his buddy.

  Do not touch them or use your shoes to move them.  The stingers will stick to your shoe and then when you take it off later, you will be stung by remnants of the tentacles.  Best thing to do is report it to a park ranger or lifeguard.  Other option is to just bury them where you find them.  If you get stung follow the instructions for treating the sting then seek medical help.  

Fish on!
Rich King 

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