Trigger fish breaks Delaware State record

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Buddy Masten with the new Delaware State Record trigger fish, caught at the ice breakers

On Sept. 30th  Buddy Masten and his father in law were headed out on one of their weekend fishing trips.  Buddy tries to get out every weekend, when he can.  On this particular day they were going to fish for tautog, something new to Buddy.  he has gone for striped bass, blue fish, flounder … the typical fishing trips.  They had a limited amount of break away tackle, since a friend didn’t make the trip.  They went out knowing this was a one shot deal, and would probably run out of gear, and the crabs that were given to them.  Once tied up at the rock wall (something else new to Buddy), they immediately started catching tog.  A few keeper tautog and a smaller trigger were caught earlier, but still a nice sized fish.  They moved towards the ice breakers in about 20 feet of water.  When they hooked into the big trigger, he knew he had something a little larger than expected, but the fact they were so shallow, there was little of a fight.  They grabbed the net not wanting to lose this fish.  Once landed, they decided to call it a day, and head back to the marina.  At this point they know they have a nice sized fish, clueless it is a record or even a citation.  Once back at Lewes Harbor Marina, they inform Joe, that they have a 19 or 20 inch trigger.  Intrigued, he tells them to bring it in, and they put it on the scale.  This is when they discovered, not only had they caught a citation fish, but to their surprise, it was heavier than the current Delaware State record from 2007 (5 pounds 15 ounces).  This new record, once confirmed by DNREC, at 6 pounds 5.44 ounces, is listed on the citation with a 20 inch girth.  That is a big trigger, Buddy plans on having it mounted, and when he asked about that, he was told that down south that is still a trophy sized trigger fish.  This Sunday they went out again, and in the area behind the wall they caught nothing but oyster crackers.  Buddy said, he told his father in law it was his turn this week to catch a record, fishing you just never know.  With the warmer waters we are seeing all kinds of things, but he will probably hold this record for a while.  Congratulations on that catch!

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