Surf fishing this weekend on Delaware beaches

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We have changed the border of the website to pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Last Week my family lost Aunt Cathy to pancreatic cancer.  I have not had the chance to see her in a few years, but I remember all the good times had in Connecticut at the lake.  She will be sorely missed, and left us well before her time.  I know many people who have survived cancer, and even more that have not.  It is a terrible disease, we should be aware of at all times.

Tautog, catching tog, Massey's Landing, tog season
Tautog caught at Massey’s Landing by Chris Guest

It has been raining off and on since Sunday.  That did not deter Chris Fortner and his family from fishing the DMS tournament this past weekend.  Overall he placed 11th with 7 kingfish … “They were  close in, the first hour for me, and way far out the rest of the day, also got 2 redfish in the wash on mullet heads, and caught a ton of small blues, trout, spot, flounder, and sand perch.  My Mom caught an 18 inch trout and Cindy Wesley scored 2 kings Saturday morning, and my Dad got a 13 or 14 inch trout.  I had a blue that almost scored on a king rig with a strip of mullet, and several trout that almost made it along with spot that was 1/4 inch short.  All but 1 king that I scored were on blood worms, and 1 on a mullet strip.  I just fished Cape both days, but they killed them at the  North pocket.  Saturday I finished with 92 points.”    Good to hear Chris!  Looking forward to fishing the Assateague tournament on the 19th with you and our team.  Reverend Robert DiGiacomo was out there with his dad … “We caught both days Sunday in the rain my dad got all his 67 points 4 blues with the biggest about 17″ most of the blues were between 6-13.5 and they were abundant.  We went through 8 dozen fresh mullet on Sunday morning between 7 & 1 every time the bait hit the water “SNAP” and you either got the fish, or she got your bait. All in all it was a great time.”  Sounds like everyone had a good time fishing the tournament, unfortunately DSF had commitments elsewhere.

striper, rockfish, striped bass, masseys alanding
Striped bass caught by Chris Guest at Massey’s Landing

Chris guest was hitting tog, small sea bass, and shorty stripers at Massey’s Landing today.  I have reports of shorty stripers all up and down the Delaware bay.  From Augustine beach to Bowers, they are moving around in the C&D canal.  These are all shorties, but the larger shorties are averaging 26 inches.  Sharks have been hitting again, not as frequent as the beginning of the summer.  Several were caught off beach Plum Island, 3R’s beach, Fenwick Island, and the point at Cape Henlopen State park.  Adam Opalinski hit a shark this weekend … “Caught a 4 foot sand shark at CHSP today. Was a nice surprise. Was not happy with wading out in shoes and sweatpants to release. P.S. Didn’t see a tag.”   When asked if he got a picture? …. “Nope no pics. Had the girlfriend hold the pole while I release it.”  Good show Adam, that, is exactly how you do that!  If you do want a picture, then have someone take pictures while you are releasing the shark.  Regardless, you do exactly what Adam did, Kudos to you brother.

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