Tow Boat US Is Helping Mexico Beach And You can Too

From Captain Clarke Droney … 
I’m asking All of my Delaware and Maryland friends and fellow business owners for Help!  On Thursday 10/18 my BOATUS counterpart Capt Robert Butler and Capt Casey left San Diego Ca with a 24’enclosed trailer full of supplies en-route to Mexico Beach Florida to assist with hurricane Michael relief effort. He’ll arrive in Florida on Saturday and on Sunday he’s heading to Boat Us headquarters in Arlington Virginia for meetings. He was hoping to fill the trailer again while he was up here and take another load down before heading home. When I heard this I asked him to come over to the eastern shore,because I was sure we could fill his trailer. Rob also talked to our BOATUS counterpart in Mexico beach, Capt Tim Brock his boats survived ,but he and his family lost their home .He said that simple things that we take for granted such as a trailer load of paper towels would be Greatly appreciated!  

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Hurricane Michael relief supplies headed to Mexico Beach, Florida

They are looking for the following items;
Canned food
Non perishable food
Clean and folded clothes
Blankets (clean and folded)
Dog food
Cat food
Baby goods
Animal goods
Children’s medicine (over the counter)
Pet meds
Paper towels
Any thing else you can think of
NO BOTTLED WATER ,it takes up too much space and is the first thing brought in.
We’re not looking for money, we’d prefer supplies, but if you do donate money, we’ll use it to fill the trailer with supplies.
I notified Senator Hocker and provided him with this List and he’s going to order extra for his grocery stores. You can Drop off items at the following places.

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Millville Fire House 35554 Atlantic Ave Millville,Between 8-5 ,M-Thursday 

Tow Boat US Indian River office @ 31322 Railway rd Millville De ,or call our office @302-537-2305 or message me (Captain Clark Droney) on Facebook and we’ll come pick up your Generous donations. If for some reason we’re unable to fill the trailer by Thursday morning 10/25 (we’d like them to be on the road heading south Friday 10/26)we’ll be at Hocker’s super center on rt 26 until it’s full. If we run out of room ,which I hope we do ,I’ll send one of my trucks and a trailer to Florida with them! Let’s show everyone how generous our little state and the Eastern shore are!

Captain Clarke Droney
Tow Boat Us Indian 

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