Time to start banging the drum and wake up the blues


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Fiddler crab in the mud of the Lewes Canal

It was a great weekend for fishing, the pictures on the Facebook page look like a what’s what of life on in our waters.  Only thing missing is a  picture of a drum and bluefish, but I have seen pictures of a black drum at Assateague and several from the back bays of Atlantic City.  The black Drum are showing up in the Delaware bay, a few according to the  boys at Dan’s Tackle box, have been caught near Braodkill beach not long ago.  Some of the netters are seeing the larger thirty plus pounders in their nets.  Joe at Lewes Harbour Marina said he cleaned one over the weekend from the Assateague area.  They are definitely showing up and clam will be the best baits for these behemoths.  I prefer to eat the smaller ones, not the monsters we saw last year on Beach Plum Island for two weeks.  The black drum run of 2014 was wild.  Now we have just about the same conditions for that to occur.  Colder water out front and warmer water close to shore, so who knows maybe that will happen again.  It was certainly a sight to behold, watching monster drum one after another pulled from the surf.  The beach replenishment is about to start at Broadkill Beach and that may change the fishing drastically.  These warmer waters have awoken the fiddler crabs, the Lewes canal is thick with them on the banks.  Blue claw crabs are starting to move more and more as well.  the  inland bay water temperatures are climbing daily.


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Robert Mebane and Veronica Orosco with a flounder caught in the Indian River Inlet .. photo at Old Inlet Bait and Tackle

More and more flounder are showing up in the Lewes canal, inland bays and just about everywhere they normally are found.  Striped bass are heavy up north still for large keepers and we are seeing a few keepers in our areas and lots of shorts are schooled up moving up and down the surf and all over the inland bays.  Bunker are in ridiculous numbers right now which is great.  We have the food, now we just need the fish.  The Indian River inlet was packed full of bunker on Sunday.  They are up and down the beaches.  The seals are certainly fattening up on them and at least one seal can still be seen at Masseys Landing basking in the sun, on the far bank of the ditch.  That water temperature there is peaking to fifty-eight degrees on the low tides, and  fifty-one at high tide.  Great fishing temperatures.


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Sand fleas at Broadkill Beach

The other day on Beach Plum, Jon Budler host of the radio show the Delmarva Angler on WGMD saw a bluefish caught by his neighbor.  As I type this report Old Inlet just reported that 2 thirty inch bluefish were caught in the inlet under birds working the water as well as a thirty inch striped bass.  Shaun Smith caught a white perch on the ocean side beach at Cape Henlopen State Park with bloodworms.  We are guessing since it was a fast out going tide from the Delaware Bay, that little guy got lost.  Dogfish are filling up the pound as well as the obligatory skate.  Saturday was a beautiful day to fish.  I spent the afternoon at Broadkill beach helping Jake and his step son Micah with some pointers on surf fishing.  We discovered sand fleas in the surf line and were using them as well as bloodworms for bait all afternoon.  Sand fleas are starting to show up in the surf on the ocean beaches. We didn’t catch any fish, but had good time, and probably helped remove a hundred  pounds of grass for the next angler.  We did find a pipe fish tangled up in the sea grass, cool looking little creatures that are related to sea horses.


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pipe fish, sea horses,delaware, sussex county, invertebrates of the atlantic ocean
Pipe fish found in the grass on our lines at Broadkill Beach

Sunday was windy, we helped the Surfrider foundation do a beach cleanup at Herring Point beach and then I went fishing.  I hate wind, if I could have one super power it would be to control the wind.  Speaking of super powers, Clark Evans at Old Inlet is rumored to be able to control the tides, I was talking to him the other day and he told me a funny story about the tide charts.  Apparently people complain about the tides and want him to do something about the charts being wrong, somehow he fixes the charts and the people are happy.  Now that is something I want to see in action.  The boys at the Coast Guard sent this over yesterday “Aids to Navigation team will be placing the aids this Thursday, and Friday instead of next week. They will all be in by weekend. ”  That is a week earlier than last announced, so that will be helpful.  Be careful navigating this year until you get the feel, remember those shoals change every winter.  Masseys Ditch is still a little clogged up so keep that in mind as well.



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Diamond State tackle, sponsor fo Delaware Surf Fishing Beach Clean ups

We have a beach clean up on Sunday at Conquest Beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.  Meet in the parking lot by 8:30 ish and we will hit the beach at 9 a.m.  We plan on cleaning all three drive on beaches from Key Box to Faithful Steward.  Then we will hang out for the rest of the day and fish.  This would be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about surf fishing, to come out and pick up a thing or two.  Diamond State Tackle is sponsoring this clean up, all who help clean the beach will receive a free top and bottom rig.  Hope to see you out there, I guarantee it will be a fun time, and if it is windy I will see what I can do, the tides are on Clark.  Check out the Business Directory for a bait shop and other stores or services near you, support those that support us.

Fish On!!

Rich King

UPDATE … Bluefish are here ….



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