Big blues are here


bluefish, beach plum island, sussex county, delaware
Ethan Henry with a bluefish at Beach plum on bunker chunks
indian river inlet, bluefish, bucktails, the rail, delawae, sussex county
John Stringham with a blue from the IndianRiver inlet today on Bucktails … one of 5 that came over the rail … photo from Tim Sullivan
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Well that didn’t take long, while I was writing about fishing the folks lucky enough to be out there today, were banging up thirty inch bluefish.  Ethan Henry hit a nice blue from the surf at Beach Plum Island around noon.  Meanwhile John Stringham caught a blue from the Indian River inlet today on Bucktails at about the same time.  This was one of a few that came over the rail.  When the birds started working the fish started hitting.  Now I have to find an excuse to blow of work about fishing, to go fishing, which is odd considering what this job entails.  Unfortunately that is not always fishing, since someone has to write up these reports, and everything else.  You will find frozen mullet in most bait shops, check our Business Directory for the ones nearest your favorite fishing hole.  I am sure fresh bunker will be on the menu this weekend as well.  You have many options to fish as far as locations and species this weekend.  If croaker, kingfish, and spot would show up we would have a complete season and early.  Hoping to see some tautog at the inlet, inner and outer walls, or the haystacks by the week’s end.  We will keep you up to date as always.  Have a great rest of the week, I’m blowing off work!

Fish On!

Rich King

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