Time For Social “FishStancing” The Spring Striped Bass Run Has Sprung

Social Fishstancing is when you go outside and fish by yourself or in a small group that is keeping six feet apart from one another. You can do this easily. I isn’t rocket science and the air isn’t poisonous.

Just when things couldn’t make ya feel any worse about fishing. The striped bass are running and it hard to find spots to fish on land. Better get a boat, the ramps are open. Port Penn Boat and Tackle is open and has bunker for sale. The striped bass are running the Delaware Bay to the River. This all started about a week ago if not longer. I saw spawning bass being caught by the commercial anglers. A few friends are hitting big bass at night. The spring striped bass run is underway. Just keep in mind the new creel limits, one fish per person 28 to 35 inches. The commercial guys have a different limit so leave them alone. Bait is an issue but can be found
But wait there’s more.

The white perch bite has been hot. In some rivers and streams there has been a few speckled trout in the mix of perch. Probably holdovers from that fall/winter run that was a little crazy months ago. Bloodworms are the bait of choice if you can find them. Grass shrimp are the next best bait and easy to catch. Minnows will work as well as the small perch jigs.

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Bunker at Port Penn Bait and Tackle, they are open with limited hours and only one in the store at a time.

The drum run is on everyone’s mind and there have been a few caught below Chincoteague. The big bluefish are up next at some point. There have been some smaller foot long blues caught at the Cape Henlopen Fishing pier mixed in with small striped bass. If that big bluefish run shows up again, we are going to need more boats.

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Trout season opens after the weekend on Monday, the kids go first. This will be a good time to skip opening day, or find a spot away from everyone. The ponds still have trout action, but that has slowed down.

Crabbing is already picking up and has been for a week or more around the inland bays. The smaller creeks and shallower waters is where you will find crabs. Trot lines are tough right now but crab pots are working well.
Clamming is good but you can’t access the bay beaches, you need a boat or jump off a bulkhead. The Cape Henlopen Fishing pier beach is closed.

blue claw crabs, inland bays, delaware, sussex county,
Lot of decent crabbing action.

The short striped bass action has been hot up and down the beaches, but you can only fish the rocks at the inlet. We are working on getting permission to fish some of the town beaches. I don’t understand how walking a beach is exercise and casting lines all day is not.

Be safe and smart out there you can socially “fishtance” and enjoy the fresh air. Don’t pile in a boat with people you haven’t been around. I have been offered a few boat rides, no thanks. On the bright side you don’t have to take people with you now. Friend of mine and his dad took two boats and anchored up near each other. Practice good social fishstancing.

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