Where Can I get Bait?

The question of the week has been, where can I get bait in Delaware?

Unfortunately bait shops are nonessential businesses. Which is harsh for us looking for bait and trying to fish and social distance. However there are a few shops open as they are allowed based on their NAICS code. That code designates how a business is listed, depending on that number designates whether they can be open or not. The list by the state says fishing is deemed okay, but it is for commercial anglers not shops. Bait shops fall under merchant outdoors. There are only three exceptions to that category; Ski resorts, golf courses, and marinas. If a marina has a bait shop it is allowed to be open.

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NAICS codes recreational and amusement businesses are closed with three exceptions
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Port Penn Bait and Tackle can stay open says owner Richard King … “I have a take out restaurant license so we can be open. We will have bunker and whatever bait we can available.” I would call ahead to any shop that may or may not be open.
Hookem and Cookem is open since they are a marina.
Lewes Harbor marina is open as well

Lighthosue view bait and tackle has a bait vending machine at the Cape Henlopen Fishing pier they are stocking daily.

Catching your own bait is an option for minnows and grass shrimp. Dig up worms, turn over some logs and look for bugs and larvae. Chicken is a favorite bait for anglers, but a hot commodity right now. Chicken necks for crabbing are easy to find, we haven’t gone Mad Max at the grocery stores yet. Hot dogs do wonders catching catfish. You can purchase squid, clams, and shrimp in seafood shops and grocery stores.
There are a few shops that have petitioned the state to stay open, we petitioned the state of Delaware as well, asking the be allowed to remain open. These petitions are going to take some time, the state is being bombarded with requests and emails. Everyone to themselves is essential.

Stay safe, social distance, and don’t touch your face.

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Grass Shrimp scooped up at low tide in a tidal creek.

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