Tidal Tables Are The Best Beach Table Ever

Tidal Table set up at the beach.

Chris Gibbons has started making Tidal Tables available to the public.  He painstakingly does these by hand and it is all original artwork.  Not only are they gorgeous tables but very functional at the beach.  He recently added a bait table to this line and I have been informed they will have a ruler on them.  He wood burns all of the designs and images.

10 Years of people asking me “Where did you buy that table?”

“Each time I go on the beach I inevitably get asked “Where did you buy that table?”. The truth is I made it 10 years ago to solve a couple of problems.


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The Angler Tidal Table

Tidal Tables were created out of necessity. We wanted a table for the beach that our family and friends could all sit around and eat together without getting sand in our food. We also wanted a place where we could put our phones, drinks, binoculars etc. that was out of the sand and sea. Too many times than I can count I have seen people do what I used to do. You know. You set a few things down on a blanket and then when you are not watching the tide starts to come back in and a set of waves comes in and soaks everything on the towel.

So Tidal Tables was born to solve these problems. But why have just a plain table.
It should look cool! That’s why we offer so many ways to customize your table and our can do attitude allows for close to any customization you can dream up.

Our requirements were Little to No Maintenance Required, Easy to setup, move or breakdown and take up as little room as possible in an already packed truck.”


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Octopus Tidal Table, delaware, sussex county, beach furniture
Octopus Tidal Table

Tidal Tables are produced by hand with quality materials. Plywood or other material is first cut to shape. Custom wood burned, paint or colored ART is either added or not. The Tidal Table is sealed with multiple layers of Spar Urethane Varnish, protecting the wood from water and UV damage for years of use. The flange and pipe are made of PVC for its strength and durability. The original prototype table is approx. 8 years old. It still looks NEW and is still in use. 

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delaware, sussex county, tidal table, beach furniture,
Nautilus, one of the latest works by Chris Gibbons

A Tidal Table is a compact, light-weight table created for the beach to keep food, drinks and valuables out of the surf and sand.
Each Tidal Table is hand made to order. Tidal Tables are produced with either a clear coat finish or with wood burned art.

Tidal Tables are constructed of high quality 1/2″ plywood and sealed with Spahr Varnish for years of trouble free use.
The pole and mount are constructed of heavy duty schedule 40 PVC.

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