Thousands Of Gallons Of Diesel Fuel Spilled Into The Delaware River

On Thursday a train hauling hazmat materials derailed near the town of Deposit in New York.  The train consisted of four locomotives and sixty-three train cars derailed on its way to Binghamton.  One of the locomotives spilled its fuel into the Delaware River, and was estimated to be over 4,000 gallons.  None of the hazmat materials were lost, or the contaminated soil the train was hauling.  Fortunately those cars did not derail and many of the cars were empty.

Emergency Management Officials say they are not concerned because they say the fuel will stay on the surface of the water and evaporate.  Environmental groups however do not concur and are concerned for local wildlife such as eagles and trout.  They are not buying into the possibility of zero impact on the river.  Because it is a cold water ecosystem that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the 300 miles of the Delaware River.

I doubt this will be an issue for us down here by the coast, or even further up the bay and river, but it could be one for the folks up there.  Despite that, the fact this is a huge fuel spill is an issue no matter where it occurred.

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