There Are Six Open Drive On Accesses For Surf Fishing

March, 31, 2020 … Delaware State Parks … In accordance with the Governor’s Modification to the State of Emergency, effective immediately, surf fishing vehicle access has been restored at Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island State Park.

Fenwick Island – South, Middle, York Crossings Open

North Side of Inlet – Faithful Steward Dune Crossing Open

South Side of Inlet – 3Rs Surf Fishing Vehicle Access Open. Parking lot remains closed, surf fishing vehicles with valid permit can access the beach via the air station lane.

The barricades at 3R’s are to stop people from parking and walking over. Drive on is open. At some point the access will be closed while parks does repair work to the lot.

All surf fishing regulations apply. With new restrictions.
No more than 2 people from the same home or residence and both of these people MUST be surf fishing.
Vehicles must be 20 yards apart when parked on the beach.
Walk-on surf fishing remains closed on all beaches within Delaware Seashore State Park.

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3Rs beach crossing parking lot and drive on beach OSV access road
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Faithful Steward Crossing in Delaware Seashore state park often called Savages ditch due tot he sign for the bay access and the fact people steal this sign a lot.

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