The USGS Real Time Flood Event Viewer For Hurricane Florence

You can watch the southern flood conditions in real-time on the Flood Event Viewer from the USGS.   These sensors were installed just to follow Hurricane Florence.  That is good forward thinking.  Live flooding updates help with the science but also safety giving first responders needed minutes to plan routes or whatever they require.  

The Hurricane Florence Flood Event Viewer also allows people to know how high the water is in areas they had to evacuate or cannot get to yet.  The amount of information we have at our fingertips these days is amazing.  We need these is Delaware for the inland bays and other waterways.   You can learn a great deal about our waterways on the USGS website with their monitoring stations.  You see them all over the place in our area waterways.    

    You can check out the Hurricane Florence Flood Event Viewer and read about it on the USGS website …   “ Hurricane response crews from the U.S. Geological Survey are installing storm-tide sensors at key locations along the North and South Carolina coasts in advance of Hurricane Florence. Under a mission assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the USGS plans to deploy about 160 sensors and is consulting with federal and state partners about the need for similar equipment for other areas along the mid-Atlantic coast.”  USGS Flood Event Viewer information

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