The Tesla X Beach Buggy

Yes you read that right. Last year we saw a Tesla get stuck on the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park. This year John Bockman took his Tesla X onto Assateague Island beach and she walked the dog in the sand. That Tesla car model that got stuck last year did manage to drive off once the driver aired down.
That is a first for a car to make it off the beach, not an SUV, a car. This Tesla X however is a lot different, it is an SUV and only weighs about 6,000 pounds. Also it seems rather appropriate to have a gull wing vehicle on a beach.

We talked to John Bockman the owner of the Tesla x he drove onto Assateague Island State Park’s beach. I just had to hear how this vehicle handled the sand, because it is a sweet ride.

John .. “So I usually get a registration every year but I usually wait until around this time and then go to “x” at the end of the season seems to be a little less crowded and not quite as hot. Well with the new law limiting the tags I missed out this year. So we actually decided while we were down there to go to assateague island and while I was there I inquired if they had a right on beach which they do. So when we were done playing in the water I went over pay for my registration and took a drive out there and that’s how we got to this point.

John Bockman’s Tesla Model X on the beach at Assateague Island State Park OSV beach

John … “One of our biggest concerns have been possibly not being able to do this it’s something that I love to do with the family as I was raised going out surf fishing. Not as a die-hard fisherman, but once or twice a year with my family. So it’s something I love to do with my friends and family. During the process of purchasing the Tesla one of the questions that I had for them, could it go on the beach and they were very positive that it would make it no problem “

John Bockman’s Tesla Model X on the beach at Assateague Island State Park OSV beach

How did it handle? How much room is there for gear it looks spacious enough?
John … ” Well it seems to be very functional when I go back I’ll know more as far as usable space for tackle and fishing rods and stuff like that but everything else about the vehicle seems to be perfect for the beach the traction was excellent the only other vehicle have experience with driving on was a 2003 trailblazer Chevy and we never had a problem with it but my first thoughts are that this is way more sure-footed”

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John Bockman’s Tesla Model X on the beach at Assateague Island State Park OSV beach check out the clearence

And ours is actually an SUV 7-passenger that vehicle pictured there (Tesla Stuck on the beach) is a car model. Artist called a model x. And the all-wheel drive works in a different way then other all-wheel drive vehicles like a suburban or something else. I’ll send you a couple Links of videos if you would like to give you a real good idea of the difference.”

Did you have fishing gear? You know people are going to ask and all that jazz?
John …
“The registration that Assateague island sells you does not require you to surf fish during daylight hours or even have tackle, bait, rod, or anything. So no at that time I did not, like I said we were there just to go swimming and got lucky ”

John Bockman’s Tesla Model X on the beach at Assateague Island State Park OSV beach

I appreciate John sending us his pictures and the interview. Pretty cool to see some of these “higher end” vehicles out on the beach that can handle the sand. Granted trucks these days cost a fortune too, but this is a little different than a pick-up truck.

We will be doing a series on beach buggies soon. If you have a cool beach buggy you would like to share, send us the pictures and your story to If you see us on the beach come over and show us your beach’n ride.

Fish On!
Rich King

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