The Steelgard A Rarity For Any Seasoned Angler

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Scott Wahl and his Steelgard catch at Hatteras

We have all seen the  legendary Steelgard catch depicted in cartoons and movies.  Some anglers have nightmares  about Steelgards also known as the “skunk royale”, and usually followed by a boot or toilet seat.  Scott Wahl was drum fishing in Hatteras when he spied something in the surf.  We caught up with him and asked him about this rare catch.

Scott, How does it feel to catch the elusive Steelgard?
“I was flat tired! But it has been a Goodyear fishing.  I never thought I would actually be able to catch a legendary Steelgard.  I mean I have heard of them, but never even seen one in person. The funny thing is she was just right there digging in the surf. Every other fishermen just walked right past.  I don’t even think they knew what they were looking at. They all get so blinded by the normal citation drum they don’t always look elsewhere.  I felt after catching her, she was a little deflated, maybe this was breeding season and she wasn’t feeling so pumped up. I felt that it’s one of the reasons she was right in the surf.   The fight was out of this world.  She would pull I would pull.  It was a full three  battle. Several times my buddy’s lost the leader in the surf.  I think she would get scared when seeing some of the other larger specimens on our trucks and take off again.  Everyone keeps asking me what I caught her on, but the funny thing is everybody already knows the Steelgard’s weakness is the screw bait.”
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Removing the hook with help from a friend to keep the Steelgard still

After landing this elusive trophy, Scott carefully removed the hook and measured the specimen.  Since these are also an invasive species Scott did his due diligence and took it to the nearest weigh station.  He was hoping for a citation, but was told the state of North Carolina does not have a citation for Steelgard.  He did get an official weigh in and then was told there was a recycling center just up the street.  Instead that trophy is hanging as the center piece in his man cave.  After all a specimen like this has not been seen since the seventies.  Scott tells us he will be adding some new species to his life list.  He wants the boot, but the toilet seat is a highly sought prize among all collectors.  Confidence is high, he already has the Steelgard, and so far this is a Goodyear.

Fish On!!
Rich King
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Scott Wahl ... Measuring the Steelgard
Scott Wahl … Measuring the Steelgard
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The official weigh in … Go Big Or Go Home .. It has been a goodyear

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