Drone Fishing For Tuna

Yep, you read that right.    Jaiden Maclean and friends at Sea Ulcer Aerial Media fished for longtail tuna with a Phantom Drone, from land.  These guys used the drone to run a bait out to a school of longfin tuna and then lowered the bait with the drone.  When the tuna hits, the line releases, so the drone doesn’t do a peter pan into the drink.  The other bonus is aerial view is a different way to watch a tuna reeled into the surf. Something we don’t see here, just thought this would be cool to show everyone.  No, you can’t use a drone in a Delaware state park, because I thought the same thing the days these came out.  I would like to do this as well.  Easier than trying to cast plugs  or bait a mile, but then again that does take some of the fun out of fishing.  It would be nice to send that up and look at the surf structure from two to three hundred feet, maybe even spot schools of fish.  Now I am really taking the fun out of fishing, and making it a video game.

Fish On!!

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