The Perseids Will Start Peaking This Weekend

The Perseids will be a great show this year over the weekend.  Due to the crescent moon allowing the sky to be darker.    August 11th to the 13th the perseids could send it with 60 to 70 meteors per hour.  The peak should occur Sunday night August 12th into the early hours of Monday morning.  So far the weather is looking good for this show as well.


Perseid Meteor shower at the beach.
The crew at the beach fishing and watching the Perseids .. Photo by Chip Thompson …
The meteor in the other image is from this one,blown up on my phone … Chip Thompson

Perseid numbers typically reach fifty or more meteors per hour around the peak.  They radiate from the constellation, Perseus, the stars Capella and Aldebaran, and the Pleiades cluster.   Every year, from around July 17 to August 24, planet Earth crosses the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle, and creates the Perseid meteor shower. Debris from  the comet’s orbit is what causes the meteors.

The beach would be an excellent place to watch these showers whilst you actively fish all night long.  Something we are all expecting to do this Sunday evening.

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Fish On!

Rich King

Side note …. You can still see this shower as well.  The Southern Delta Aquariids are visible from mid July to mid August each year with peak activity on the 28th or 29th of July.

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