The Man In The Brown Suit Is At The Beach

Big Fish Can Be Caught In The Surf In The Summer

The catch of the weekend and it ain’t even over yet, goes to Ryan O’Neill from Wilmington for his beast of a cobia caught in the surf today. ” We used 14/0 steel hook, kayaked out with a fresh kingfish head on it believe it or not. It weighed in at 28 pounds and was 41 inches long.”
Nice to see the cobia have made it up this far. The boys were fishing Delaware Seashore State Park north of the Indian River Inlet. These fish are always moving, going to the same spot to surf fish would be futile to say the least.

We have new creel limit in Delaware for cobia.
It is 40 inches and up.
1 per angler per day or trip
3 per vessel per day or trip
(the longer of day or trip for above)
the season is June 1st to September 15th

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You just never know what you will catch in the surf with cut bait. You can target cobia from the surf, they like to eat fish, especially bunker and bluefish. This time of year everyone concentrates on the small fish or sharks and rays. This is a bonus catch going after the big boys. The man in the brown suit is off the Delaware coast. I haven’t heard of anyone sight fishing for them this guy was feeding off the bottom. Three days ago we were casting king heads in for some possible shark or ray catching a half mile from these guys. The Whammy is gong to freak when he sees this.

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41”. 28 pound cobia caught by by Ryan O’Neil from WIlmington, DE

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