Saharan Sunrise Over Sussex County

The Godzilla Of Dust Storms Has Arrived

The Saharan Dust storm has made it this far north and the sunrise over Sussex County this morning was amazing. Lots of people on the beaches to see the sunrise this morning, more than usual. The sunset this evening should be rather spectacular.

The Saharan Dust Layer or SAL is a very common phenomenon that occurs every year off the coast of Africa. Although typical, this one is in a league of its own. This dust plume is crushing records in size. Based on satellite data, this plume of dust stretches over 4,000 miles long! This SAL first started by clusters of thunderstorms or tropical waves over and then gets carried away by winds just north of the equator. Right now the most significant dust plume is over the Caribbean and another one closer to the Lesser Antilles.Read More

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Saharan dust cloud, sunrise, sussex county, haboob in the USA
Saharan Dust Cloud sunrise over Sussex county this morning… Cody Croswell

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