The Fall Fish Bowl Surf Fishing Tournament Is Canceled But We Are Still Fishing For Fun And Prizes

We are canceling the Fall Fish Bowl Surf Fishing Tournament due to weather issues creating a lack of people signing up, but we will still fish and compete.

We are still having the Fall Fish Bowl Delaware surf fishing tournament this Saturday November 30th, just not a pay to enter tournament. For those that have entered already, you will be reimbursed in full.
The tournament will be held in Delaware Seashore State Park at 3R’s surf fishing beach.
7 AM to 3 PM.
We will have an awards ceremony at Iron Hill Brewery, starting about 5 PM.
I do not have temporary surf tags, since this is free tournament, there are not permits involved.
Apparently you can have an event in a Delaware State Park so long as you don’t charge an entry fee. You just can’t use the perks of said paid events. If you need a ride let us know, we will be on 3Rs, there is plenty of areas to walk on and fish as well.
I have a ton of donated items we are using for prizes and the Fall Fish Bowl trophy boards with this year’s updated design.

Fall Fish Bowl 2019 design, delaware surf fishing tournament, delaware state parks
Fall Fish Bowl 2019 design

Last year we pulled this surf fishing tournament off at the last minute and allowed people to sign up to the day before. This year we assumed people would sign up well ahead of time, and unfortunately everyone is worried about the weather. The issue with any tournament planned a year ahead is weather and right now it is looking okay to not so great. The fishing has been sub par for this time of year anyway.

Fall Fish Bowl 2018
Fall Fish Bowl 2018
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So that all being said, here is the deal …

The Calcuttas will be set with prize packages from Fishbites, DSF, and DS Custom Tackle. I will announce that later this week. Everyone who attends will receive a packet for scoring and some items. I have a few other donated gift cards left over from
DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series. Kids are welcome and encouraged to come out and surf fish with the family. We are still doing the family prize package for cumulative points.
We will have prize places and of course get bragging rights. If Stephan wins we will have to call him four time.

We will not have regular judges, this will be on the honor system. I might have a few people keeping an eye on things so to speak. I am probably going to fish myself, since this is free, and I want to fish too!

The fish lists and rules are still the same.

Striped bass are not allowed to be entered. I know people don’t like that but, if other tournament organizers want to count fish out of the slot limit and allow surf anglers to break the law, that is their prerogative. We will not be party to encouraging people to break DNREC possession laws, as well as stress out a fishery that is in decline and being regulated more each year. Striped bass creel limits will be changed in 2020. If you think that is bad, wait till you see what will probably happen to spot, flounder, scup, croaker, and bluefish.

We will have the Fall Fish Bowl next year as well as the rest of our Delaware Surf Fishing tournaments for 2020. Looking forward to the spring tournaments, and we are working with a nonprofit organization next year to help them do a kids fishing tournament in May, probably on the weekend of the 9th.

Fish On!
Rich King

Fall Fish Bowl 2019 design, delaware surf fishing tournament, delaware state parks
Fall Fish Bowl 2019 design

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