Teaching Stewardship The Right Way

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 Saturday was one of our weekly beach clean ups.  We met at Fenwick Island State Park.  We always meet in the parking lot, and you never know who is coming to help.  The core group as we call it was there, minus a few who are out-of-town for the holidays.  We also had some new faces and that is always appreciated.


Kai and the family collecting trash.

 A family of four pulled up and the kids got out of the truck.  They both had buckets, but Miss Kai, she had a broom.  A small three-foot long toy broom.  I asked her what is was for …  “I clean the beach”  and she started sweeping the parking lot.  Probably the most adorable thing I have seen in a while, and very cool.

    “We take them to the beach in Bethany and they spend half the time looking for and picking up trash.”  said Kai’s mom.  The kids were anxious to get on the beach and the parents had to get them out there ahead of us.  They were excited to go pick up trash.  When I crested the dune, I could see the kids running around picking up trash and they were excited.  You would think they were on an Easter egg hunt.  I told her dad that broom is awesome “She loves it, I use it to clean the boat it is really handy”.


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Huge thanks to Iron Hill Brewery for feeding the clean up crew Saturday. This will be a weekly thing now. The food is the bomb!

We do these weekly beach clean ups so we can help get the trash off the beaches, but we also do them to help create awareness in hopes that others will follow in kind on their own.  So while you are on the beach or anywhere for that matter, pick up that trash.  You didn’t put it there, but we all should be stewards of our environment and take a lead from Miss Kai, “I clean the beach”.

These kids will grow up with a respect for their surroundings instilled in them by their parents and helping their community.  That is what it is all about, teach them young to respect nature and they will grow up with that respect.  I have seen this in action over the years with several of my friend’s children, they grow up better and have respect.  

Fish On!

Rich King 

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