Surf Fishing with Ron Kyle on my birthday


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Ron “Jiggy Fins” Kyle with a puffer he caught on Friday

A week ago Ron Kyle put up a request looking for fellow anglers that could help him with a day trip to Delaware to fish the surf.  When I saw his post I shared it to the DSF Facebook page to help him with his request.  He needed a copilot to help him get back home after a day of fishing.  I decided to take it a step further, I knew Ron’s situation and I wanted to help.  Coincidentally it was my birthday on the day he wanted to go fishing.  I could not think of a better way to spend my birthday … surf fishing.  I offered to help Ron get back home even if we had to come get him, and take him home.  Whatever it took I wanted Ron to have an opportunity to catch a striped bass in the surf.  This is something he has on his bucket list, and helping someone fulfill that goal was the best gift I could give anyone. Helping your fellow man in a time of need is something we should all be willing to achieve.  It was a great day in the surf.  We had many people join us after I met Ron at Bill’s Sport Shop.  The Coopers met us out there as well so Miss Erin could pick up her surf rod combo she won at the raffle we held during the fishing flea market.  Everyone had a great time, catching puffers. I will let Ron tell you about his day and I want to thank him for taking this trip and making my birthday the best one I ever experienced.

puffer fish, delaware surf fishing, DSF, DSSP, conquest beach, delaware seashore state park
Ron “Jiggy Fins” Kyle with another puffer he caught on Friday

My Thanks to Rich King of DSF !  … Last week I put out a request for a fisherman to join me on a trip to the Delaware shore for some surf fishing and to assist as a driver for a 1 day trip due to my illness and tiredness on a day trip. I got 1 response from a personal friend but he does not like surf fishing. Regardless, I received another option! Rich King of DSF responded saying they/he would be willing to send a driver up to pick me up and return me the next day. Mind you it’s a 2-2.5 hour drive one way so figure in total it’s a 10 hour drive for a pickup and return trip. I received so many options from others from DSF supporters and fisherman it was overwhelming.
I would never impose on anyone to do that for me and suggested I drive down and would spend the night and rest and drive back in the AM. Rich King still insisted it was no problem.  As it ended up I drove down to meet Rich at 9 a.m. at Bills Sport shop and met an outstanding fellow.  He had a plan and we proceeded to the surf.  I met a few other fine fisherman and set up for the day a gorgeous day at that on the beach to haul in some lunkers.  However it was not a lunker day!  It was a PUFFER day for me having battled with 2 blowfish lol. But a puffer day made it a Jiggy day for me just to be with fine people and a day on the surf. Fishing is a patient journey and why they call it fishing. 
It was a peaceful relaxing day and the sun was beating down on us as we were able to feel the sand between our toes with a light inshore breeze that slowly changed offshore for the first time of the east coast season for me. Rich provided all the needed amenities for a surf fishing day including Bait, lunch and great company and to close the day put me up at DSF expense in a hotel to rest for my return trip home in the am.

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DSF, delaware surf fishing, DSSP,
Ron “Jiggy Fins” Kyle ready to go surf fising with DSF

I want to thank Rich and Delaware surf fishing & its supporters for making a great day for me. I must also say Rich works hard to take all the beach/shore in to give some of the finest reports for the Delmarva area you will find. His dedication is why I see DSF continue to grow and provide to anyone some well written stories, topics, reports. You don’t need to live or fish Delaware to be a part of DSF, you just need to be yourself and they give you the rest. Kudos to all of you and a huge gratitude to Rich!   Oh I forgot to mention Rich King did this on his Birthday, tell me that’s not unselfish! Happy Birthday again!

Thank You Ron, it was a pleasure meeting you.  I honestly feel I learned more about myself, and life in general chatting with you that afternoon.  One thing Ron said that stuck with me … “If you are going to complete a bucket list start now before it is too late.  Trying to complete a bucket list when you feel the way I do is very hard to stay motivated.  Not giving up when faced with serious health difficulties is the hardest part”.  It was inspirational to talk with Ron and I will never forget this day and the advice you gave.  Ron you are welcome to come back anytime and I look forward to your company in the surf.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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