Happy Mother’s Day from Delaware Surf Fishing

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Photo by Mike McClure … 30 inch bluefish caught by Don Keebaugh on 3R’s

Happy Mother’s Day!!  It has been a great weekend.  The tournament was fun, just some rough weather here and there.  I was getting my butt kicked by my allergies and sunburn combined.  We have been fishing different beaches all week to see where we should fish for the tournament.  That is one reason I have yet to get any reports up, we were a bit swamped working.  There have been big drum showing up in the Delaware Bay.  Broadkill Beach and Beach Plum Island have been producing large drum and striped bass.  Decent trout catches are starting to show as well, pink plastics are the best color.  Croakers are here in larger numbers as well, on all of the ocean beaches.  South Bethany and Fenwick have seen the most.  Large striped bass are on all beaches, you just have to put in the time, and Cape Henlopen has been the hottest.  The other night the Indian River Inlet blew up for striped bass, then it calmed down to almost nothing, and blew up again.  Yesterday afternoon anglers were hammering shad and shorty striped bass.  Good to see the shad finally show up in large numbers, that will help increase the large striped bass numbers in our bays.  The coolest catch of the weekend, a large cow nose ray was caught on Cape Henlopen beach the other day, these are early as well.  I can’t wait to see what shows up early next.  A lot of people had some serious knockdowns this weekend, and lost their gear to the unknown.  Lost, meaning dragged into the ocean, not to return or be found.  A friend of mine lost his favorite rig and is none too pleased.  He tried snagging the dragged gear, but based on the speed his rod was dragged into the ocean, that was not going to happen.  Knockdowns can ruin your day, never knowing when you are going to get hit hard in the surf is part of the game.  A good sand stick can cure those problems.  Sometimes I use my rack on the truck to guarantee I don’t lose my favorite rigs.

striped bass, delaware surf fishing, delaware seashore state park, DSF
Donovan Wierzbicki with a 41 inch 25lb striper that won largest fish.
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Puffer fish have been everywhere this season.  Yesterday we fished South Bethany for the tournament.  I was fishing with Kristen Kemper, and Steven Williams.  We had the beach to ourselves for the most part, once the tourney started, the beach was still relatively empty.  3R’s was a parking lot, Ray Hibbs of Long Neck Outfitters was fishing there.  We also had a few other friends fishing for DSF on other beaches.  As soon as the tournament started a 30 inch blue fish was hit by Don Keebaugh.  My buddy Mike sent me the picture and I was receiving updates all day from friends on the beaches.  I think I spent as much time online as I did surf fishing.  The DSF mobile office always abides in those situations  Kristen caught a puffer and skate combo to start for our crew.  I managed a skate as did Steve, he also had a puffer.  We caught enough skates yesterday to open our own rink.  We were hoping for a large striped bass or bluefish.  Reports kept coming in of the different fish all around us and farther north.  The storm clouds showed up, and we definitely got wet.  Thunder and lightening is always a little discerning when you are holding a 10 foot lightening rod.  It was a good day in the surf, regardless of the catches.  When the  41 inch striped bass was caught in DSSP, by Donovan Wierzbicki, we knew the tournament was going to be locked up by large fish.  People were going for croaker and kingfish, believe it or not a lot of small fish can win a tournament.  Different strategies are a good way to fish any tournament, especially if you can fish as a team.  I want to thank everyone who surf fished for DSF yesterday, we will get them next time.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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