Surf fishing access and where else can I fish in Delaware?

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Evan Falgowski of Lewes with the first Striper of the Tournament at 34.15 lb and 45.5 inches

Fishing is still good out there.  We have hit dogfish, redfish, and puppy drum in the surf on cut mullet and fishbites.  Sandfleas are back in our sponsors shop, also green crabs.  You will probably have a hard time getting green crabs the rest of the year.  They are a by-catch from trawlers up north.  I saw a picture of a beautiful speckled trout that came out of the Lewes canal, the other day.  That is the first picture I saw, I have heard of others catching them.  I know people that fished through the storm in some areas …  Fishing is a condition that can only be cured by more fishing.  A few keeper stripers have come off the rails at Massey’s Landing, and out of the Roosevelt Inlet.  A nice keeper Striped bass was caught by Evan Falgowski of Lewes and is the first Striper in the Tournament at 34.15 lb and 45.5 inches.  So far this fish is worth $4100 ….. sign up for the tourney.  From Bill’s Sport Shop today … “Evan’s Striper won him $240.00 for being the weekly heaviest striper!  New week starts every Friday! If you’re not in, you can’t win. Today is the last day to sign up for Bill’ Sport Shop/Irish Eyes Striper Tournament!”   Come out tonight to Irish Eyes of Lewes, DE to sign up and get in on over $20,000.00 worth of cash and prizes!

Broadkill Beach, full moon ring, delaware surf fishing
2 nights after Hurricane Sandy I saw the most amazing ring around the moon, it was almost a rainbow. 2 nights before Sandy, the same ring was around the moon. I have never seen a ring like this before, it was amazing. I fished under both of them

The boys fishing Massey’s Landing these past 2 days have been hitting a few tautog, mostly undersized, but a few have been keepers.  Shorty stripers were hit last night, and that was some work to get into them.  Massey’s Landing is one of the few places that survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed.  The water yesterday, according to Bill Jr, was the clearest he has ever seen.  The water in the Lewes canal yesterday was visibility upwards of 2 feet.  I was shocked, that almost never happens.  Broadkill Beach and Beach Plum Island have decent water, but the bay is a little stirred up.  The water in the surf looks very nice, almost blue.  The big question has been where can we fish?  Delaware Seashore State Park is closed until further notice.  The parks are aiming for Tuesday, as is DelDot for opening the Charles W Cullen Bridge.  The south side marina can be accessed, but only from south route 1.  This access was created for the people who have boats and condominiums at the marina.  Those condos had a foot of water in the garages.  We took a boat ride to the south side the other day, and every boat was just fine.  The north side we do not know about, there was not enough to time to check both.  Beach Plum Island is good too go for driving on, and again it is covered in debris as well, so be careful.  Broadkill Beach is just fine for public walk on access.  The beach is eroded and the water will come closer to the dune line at high tide.  All of the beaches are holding fish.  The broadkill river access is clear but very very muddy, wear boots.  Prime Hook road is closed, and access is for residents only, via Broadkill Beach road.

Prime Hook rd, delaware surf fishing, barrier islands, prime hook preserve
Prime Hook road is washed out in several places. This place needs a bridge road. Access is through Broadkill Beach and is for residents only.

Fenwick Island is open at the south and middle entrances.  The parks are working as fast as they can to get all of this open, they know all too well we want to fish for the fall run.  Please be patient with them, there is a lot of things that need to be fixed.  Keep in mind we got very lucky, our brothers and sisters in the north were not.  We are just now getting reports that friends are doing okay, and many are still digging out of a serious mess.  I have heard some stories that would “toe your curls.”  I kid you not, some of these folks had some horrifying experiences.  So whining you have to drive all the way around to get from Dewey to Bethany, is not a major concern of ours right now.  You are lucky to be here, stop complaining.  If Sandy hit us like she hit NJ and NY, many of you would not be here to read this ever again.  We wouldn’t be here to give you these updates.  So as the saying goes, shut up and fish.  We will keep you updated as much as possible on conditions.  Please mind the workers out there, and emergency people, we can all work together and fix our beautiful coast line up in no time, and then help our friends up north.

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Cape henlopen state park, gordons pond, herring point beach, delaware surf fishing
Cape Henlopen State park is open for business, and the surf fishing beaches did just fine.

Cape Henlopen State Park is open the fishing pier is not, and will take some time to be fixed.  We are trying to get a time frame, but the crews are busy, and I do not want to bother them.  Again, we got lucky.  Have some patience with the parks people they are working hard to get this done.  CHSP sustained minimal damage, the bathhouses are shutdown due to a water main break.  The parks folks have some work to do and are prioritizing what needs to be done first.  There will be a need for volunteers to clean up soon, and we will tell you all about them.  The beaches on each side of the fishing pier appear fine just littered with debris.  You can always fish the beaches there, or take a kayak out to the old pier pylons, and fish the structure.  The walls are there to fish as well, if you venture to the outer wall in a kayak be very careful.  The drive on beaches are fine except for the point at high tide, yesterday it was closed and covered in water.  It will remain closed until they can determine conditions.  The flats seem to be fine, just a lot of debris on the beaches at the grass line.  All beach drive on accesses are holding water, and full of debris, but passable so be careful.  If you are out there and have a truck, do me a favor and take some of that debris out off there with you.  I have seen many folks just show up at the beaches here and start cleaning.  That is commendable, make sure you have gloves, be careful of nails in old plank piers.  Also be careful handling old creosote pier pieces, that stuff can really burn your skin.  Plastic bottles are everywhere take a few trash bags with you as well.  For you beachcombers there are conch shells, sea glass, and starfish everywhere.  I have found some interesting things during every low tide.  Metal detectors are everywhere on the beaches, looking for treasure.


broadkill beach, sunrise, delaware surf fishing
Sunrise the day after the storm on Braodkill Beach. Good Morning!!

Rosedale beach or Gull point is just fine, the boat ramp was not damaged, and the crabbing/fishing pier is okay.  That is a great place to put in your boat for some back bay fishing.  Holt’s Landing is open for business at the crabbing pier and the boat ramp is accessible   Just be careful there is some minor damage.   The little boat ramp in Oak Orchard is gone still, and Mark Dunn’s house is still standing.  He was flooded out, but survived.  Cupola park we do not know the conditions, but I can guess.  The tides are abnormally high and will over flow the parking lot a bit and the park.  The tides will be this way for a few days while our surrounding lands drain from all of the rain water.  That is why even at low tide a few days ago the water was still coming up, when it should have been going down.  The draining storm water filled the bays up fast, and the inlet can only “outlet” water so fast.  I hope this helps answer any questions.  Feel free to send us updates that you know of for areas we have yet to cover.  I have another long day of running around and taking pictures   Tomorrow I get to do a lot of cleaning up, for my own needs, and I will let you know when we will need volunteers for the parks.  There will be more anglers here as the days go by, to all of our brethren anglers from NJ and NY that are coming here this weekend to fish. (I keep getting a lot of emails) …  Welcome to Delaware.  We would love to be your host for the weekends to come.  Stay safe out there gang.

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