Sunday Funday Shenanigans


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Matt Dammeyer was high hook this morning with this nice big bluefish.

It has been a great weekend, and the fishing was good too, well except for today.  When I get together with a group of friends you just never know how the day is going to turn out.  Friday we fished the inlet and beaches pretty hard.  It wasn’t too bad, we caught a few twenty to thirty plus inch bluefish in the surf, with the “Illinois Whammy”.  The Indian River Inlet was fun action along the rocks.  Bluefish were tailing in the rips and jumping out of the water after baitfish and our lures.  We hooked up a few and had fun doing it.  Meanwhile Chris Kramer was a half mile down the beach from us bailing bluefish one after another for an hour and a half.  By the time we got there it shut down, such is the nature of fishing.  Saturday we ran around and hit up a few places, but the action was still a little slow.  The Cape Henlopen pier is hot to not each day, that depends on the fish, the tide and time of day.  Today (sunday)  we all met up and had more fun talking trash than we did catching horseshoe crabs.  Matt Dammeyer managed to high hook us this morning with a thirty-six inch bluefish.  We lost a dozen plus rigs too, getting bit off.   Afterwards we hit a local watering hole, ate lunch and said our goodbyes.  I had an appointment at seven this evening that was canceled at the last-minute.  Since we were in Lewes we hit the beaches at Cape Henlopen and started hitting fish.  Such is the nature, and the crew that left earlier, are none too happy with us right now.  Because we started sending them pictures.  Yes we can be evil at times to our friends.


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Bluefish we caught this evening at Cape Henlopen State Park in the ocean surf.

Mullet has been the choice bait on green mullet or float rigs.   Other colors are working but the green seems to be the color producing the most.  Most likely that will change again, or it won’t, got to love fishing.  Frozen mullet have been working best, but bunker has done okay.  Otherwise we are throwing silver spoons, or stingers.  Today Corby had a huge blow up on a top water plug, and the whole beach got excited.  We started tossing everything we had.  Meanwhile the blues were cutting off rigs left and right.  A line would go slack without a hint of a strike and once you checked, the rig was gone.  Sunday fishing was not as good as the past few days.  I don’t know if that is Murphy’s Law or the fact there are a lot more people here and the fish can tell.  You have to figure the increased traffic on the beach and the waters has to create a bit of confusion, possibly.  It’s like the beginning of the summer all of a sudden after a couple of hundred boats hit the water in one weekend the fishing changes dramatically.


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Black drum from the Delaware Bay caught by Bernard Mitchell on the Skip Jack II
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Drum are hitting up in the Delaware bay near the coral beds.   Bernard Mitchell went out on the Skip Jack II with his buddies and captain Beau Fibelkorn.  He landed a sixty plus pound drum, I think it is the first recorded for the Lewes area this year.  Bernard and his boys put in some serious time and were rewarded with two nice drum for the trip.  He lucked out and was asked to fill a space that opened on the boat, and he is really glad he took that offer.  This is his first black drum from a boat.  The drum bite is at night and we are going Tuesday or Wednesday night after some evening tautog fishing which is still decent.  It is my birthday week so not only am I pre-fishing the beaches for Saturday all this week, but I am doing it for my birthday too.  We are also taking Chris “Illinois Whammy” Ranney for his first tautog experience.

We watched the blessing of the fleet today in Lewes in the canal.  Always a cool thing to experience.

Fish On!

Rich King

Chris “Illinois Whammy” Ranney wearing his dead horseshoe crab hat. No crabs were hurt making this photo. We like to have fun when we fish! That hoodie stank all day!

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