Striped Bass Are On The Move


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Grant Calloway with some nice striped bass from the Nanticoke River.

Everyone is asking when is the spring run going to start.  What everyone should be doing is fishing, seriously.  The cherry blossoms are two weeks early, dogwoods are blooming already, and trees have huge buds.  Spring was basically here the last week of February, and the fish started moving around.    The Henbit in the fields are flowering (those little purple flowers) and that is a sign that the summer flounder should start showing up.  Everything in nature that happens when fish usually show up is happening.  How far are the fish behind?  That is a good question.  The land temperatures are rising faster than the water temperatures.  We have been talking about the herring in the creeks thick enough to walk across the water for the last three weeks.  With big bass behind them, mostly these are resident fish, but the migratory are moving around the Chesapeake and into her tributaries, since they never really left.  I have seen upwards of sixty pound bass in pictures from several undisclosed locations.  Before the cold snap, the tidal creeks were hitting fifty plus degrees.   The Nanticoke River is about forty one degrees, Masseys Landing is bouncing from forty four to forty two degrees.  The beaches are forty two degrees.  The water cooled off dramatically from the cold snap and snow, but that didn’t turn the fish around.  Grant and his crew were large mouth bass fishing when they ran into the big stripers you see in the picture.  Nice surprise for  day of large mouth bass and crappie fishing.  If you aren’t out there you won’t know when it happens.  I hope the surf starts up soon we will see this week.  the last couple years around this time the big black drum were coming through along the Delaware Bay beaches.  It’s time to get off that couch and hit the water.  There is plenty of bass, pickerel, perch and big catfish action, but everyone wants to see the striped bass run and then those monster gator bluefish.  That is the next question, when and if they will hit the coast again this year.  We certainly hope so.

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