Stay Off The Dunes

 Delaware State Park Beach Access and Regulations ..“Dune Crossings … Dunes are a fragile resource that provide important habitat for a host of plants and animals and protect the coastline during severe storms. While dunes and the plants and animals found there usually survive storms, they are easily damaged by the harmful impact of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The dunes are protected by law, and access across is strictly limited to designated crossings. Use of the beach is strictly limited to the seaward toe of the dune down to the high tide line. ”
“In order to protect fragile plants and grasses that stabilize the dunes, and to leave nesting or fledging
shorebirds undisturbed, people, pets and vehicles are not allowed on the dunes or in bird nesting areas.
Only designated crossings may be used to cross the dunes. Violations are subject to fines “

 “Stay Off The Dunes”  these signs are all over Delaware State Parks at the beach.  It is kind of obvious when you see dune fence to stay off them as well.  Over the weekend a few guys decided it would be fun to run their remote control cars on the dunes.   Jerry Dillon the administrator for the Delmarva Fishermen Follies Facebook page took a video and some pictures of these people.  When he posted them to the Facebook page people had some differing opinions from, stay out of the dunes to who cares.  Some folks even telling people to mind their own business.  These are public lands we all share and have a responsibility to keep an eye on them.


Drives it out of the dune

Jerry Dillon … “We saw three guys walk out on the drive on access and stand on the dune in front of the access road, then these RC Dune Buggys came flying over the dune.  I said to myself well as long as they don’t run those in the protected dunes it will be fine even though that front dune is there to divert storm surge.  I realized I was wrong when they started jumping the dune face.  When the vehicle would flip upside down, they would climb the dune to get the RC car.  Then stand up there and operate the car.  This happened a dozen or so times.  We told them to get off the dunes when we drove by on our way off the beach but, they just looked at us like we were bothering them.  I grabbed the camera, and took some video and still shots.  We text  the rangers,and sent them the photos but they were late, which isn’t their fault.  I am sure they are spread thin on busy summer weekends.. If these were kids on the dunes I could understand it, but these were grown adults, they know better.  They actually passed a few signs on the way in saying to stay out of the dunes.”    

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The dunes are off-limits so they are not destroyed to protect the property and route 1 behind them.   People need to learn to stay out of the dunes,and apparently read.    Without the dunes the beach would be somewhere in the inland bays.  If you see someone in the dunes don’t hesitate to call a ranger.
Delaware State Parks Rangers Emergency/Dispatch …………  (302) 739-4580


Fish On!

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