Spring Snow Showers



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Bluegill caught yesterday at Milton park on a small plain hook with a night crawler…Capt. Kristin Wagner
blairs pond, sussex county, pickerel, delaware, fly fishing, freshwater action,  all species tournament
Danny Schanne … pickerel for the All Species Fishing Tournament

Today was the first official day of spring, annnnnnnnnnd … it snowed.  You have to love mother Nature she can be rather fickle.  Oh well, soon enough it will be blazing hot and we can all wish for snow.  The trout fishing at Tidbury and Newton ponds has been decent enough.  The ponds were restocked on Thursday and there was a decent crowd waiting on the truck.  While the boys stocked the pond, the anglers were in a frenzy fishing for the rainbow trout.  Several were caught not long after the boys were finished.  You would think it would literally be like shooting fish in a barrel, but the trout swam to the bottom and stayed in the shadows of the pier immediately after entering the water.  Elsewhere in the Nanticoke, Misspillion and Broadkill rivers the white perch action has been rather hot, on bloodworms, nightcrawlers, or minnows.  All of the northern tributaries of the Delaware river and bay have been producing well, and many catfish are being caught.  Crappie bass, pickerel and largemouth bass action has been good in the mill ponds.   The All Species Fishing Tournament had two entries this week,   a bluegill was caught yesterday at Milton park on a small plain hook with a night crawler, by Capt. Kristin Wagner.  Danny Schanne hit  a nice pickerel on Blairs pond on a fly.


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cape henlopen state park, firewatch towers, beach clean up, pollution, gordons pond, herring point beach, sussex county, delaware
Everyone gathered near the tower finishing off Gordons Pond before the wind got any worse

We have another beach clean up this Sunday at Beach Plum Island State Park, at 9 a.m. we will meet in the parking lot.  Last Sunday we cleaned Herring Point beach in Cape Henlopen to Gordons Pond.  We had twenty six volunteers including yours truly.  We collected over two hundred pounds of trash and unnatural debris.  It was a decent morning until the gale force winds picked up later and we called it quits, but stuck it out to the end of the beach.  When I arrived on Sunday morning the Chandlers were cleaning the Herring Point parking lot, big kudos for that one!  Huge  thanks to everyone who came out …    Kevin Chandler, Keri Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Kasey Chandler, Zachary Chandler, Jena Hornby, Carrie Krecker, KJ Krecker, Delaware Surf Report group, Reverend Robert DiGiacomo, Brenda Smith, Bud King, Linda Bintliff, Laura Haug, Jim Haug, David Hastings, Cailey Hastings, Macenzie Hastings, Mike Pitcanage, Corby Fulton, Logan Fulton, Alex Tkachuk, Chrissie Tkachuk, Autumn Tkachuck, Ciera Tkachuck …  Glad to see so many friends and new faces, we have talked to over the winter.  Thanks to all the kids that came out and helped, great to see them taking an interest in caring for the environment and our beaches.  Beach grass planting is tomorrow in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Fish On!

Rich King

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