Spot Is Hot

The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier has a pretty heavy spot bite happening this afternoon and the last couple of days. That bite has gotten better and better. Great for the table or bait, just need a lot for a plate full of fish.
We use them for flounder bait live lining them. Just got catch a dozen or so and try to keep them alive. That is the hard part with spot, they tend to die quick in captivity. You also need a round cage or container to keep them alive. A large trash can with holes drilled in it is a popular choice by captains. Just float it off your dock or boat slip. You can also chunk spot for cut bait but bunker is better. They are candy to striped bass and there are some still lurking about.

Tim Bixby got this 12 inch pompano yesterday in the surf.

You could also catch one and throw it out in front of the Cape Henlopen fishing pier in the flats and see what hammers it. The bite has been the best on the incoming tide which just got rolling. This weekend you should see a decent spot bite all around the area just check the tides. Masseys Ditch is another good place to catch spot and use them right there for flounder bait.

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Kevin Golden and crew catching Mackerel on Silver Stingers

The surf has been on fire for mackerel on the lower beaches from Keybox to Fenwick Island and points between. They are following the bunker schools. Anglers are hitting them with metals. The bunker and other schools have been huge the last few days. Pompano, kingfish etc are all hitting. The beaches are producing different fish. We have been beach hopping to catch a variety.

Fish On!
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