Maryland’s Striped Bass Fishing Advisory Forecast

Maryland’s Striped Bass Advisory Forecast Legend

This year Maryland DNR launched a new “forecast” for anglers to know the best days for catching and releasing striped bass. The forecast is not for weather exactly but more for air temperatures that are harmful to fish when catching and releasing. MD DNR .. “Seasonal high water and air temperatures as well as low oxygen can cause fish to become sensitive and stressed, with increased mortality during catch-and-release fishing. Larger striped bass – 24 inches or larger – have the most difficulty with these conditions. “

Maryland’s Striped Bass Advisory Forecast June 26th to July 2nd
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You can follow these forecasts on their website at Striped Bass Fishing Advisory Forecast. This a great effort by Maryland to help protect the striped bass fishery in the Chesapeake bay during peak heat periods in the summer. There are some anglers that think this is a joke. I think it is a noble effort by Maryland to protect a fish that brings them so much money for their economy. Can’t have a trophy season without trophies. Delaware could take a page from this book and start doing some things to better protect our fishery, like maybe for weakfish.

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