Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chairs Endorse Four Initiatives




Indian RIver Inlet, delaware, sussex county
Indian River Inlet

The Co-Chairs of the Delaware Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus have announced that they are endorsing four legislative initiatives currently under consideration by the 148th General Assembly.

The Caucus Co-Chairs – Senators Bruce Ennis (D-Smyrna) and Brian Pettyjohn (R-Georgetown) and Reps. William Carson (D-Smyrna) and Jeff Spiegelman (R-Clayton) – have unanimously endorsed the following bills and are encouraging members of the General Assembly to vote in favor of these measures:

SB 115 – This legislation makes a housekeeping amendment to Chapter 13 of Title 7 to clarify the process by which a first offense class C or D environmental violation, relating to fish and game violations, will not be reported on criminal history records provided by the State Bureau of Identification for employment purposes.  This Act also clarifies that subsequent convictions will be reported for employment purposes.

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HB 97 as amended by HA 1 – This bill will allow a hunter to use a handgun in lieu of a shotgun on farms permitted by DNREC through their deer depredation programs in order to reduce agricultural crop damage.

HB 23 as amended by HA 1 – This bill updates requirements for handguns used for deer hunting by adding a range and limit to allowable handgun calibers to accommodate changing handgun availability while maintaining public safety and handgun hunting efficacy.

Proposed bill related to carrying a concealed weapon during hunting (Not officially filed yet) – As it pertains to hunting laws of this State, there are specific requirements as to the type of weapon that may be used or carried while attempting to harvest game.  This bill clarifies that a person licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon may continue to do so while engaged in hunting or trapping activities without having to worry about violating a provision of Title 7 intended to deal with the harvesting of game.  The weapon may not be used for hunting purposes and must remain concealed while engaged in hunting activities in order to take advantage of this provision.

The Caucus Co-Chairs said the sponsors of the above bills are being notified of their endorsements.

The co-chairs said it is their hope that the support will convey to the legislature that they have vetted the bills as measures aimed at ensuring the efficacy and effectiveness of Delaware’s hunting laws.

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