Punkin Chunkin Announces Changes to Protect Their Legacy

Punkin Chunkin Announces Changes to Protect Their Legacy
Punkin Chunkin Announces Changes to Protect Their Legacy

For over a quarter century, it’s been our pleasure to introduce fans from around the country, even around the world, to the joy of watching pumpkins go splat, and the excitement of long distance competition. Through the efforts of our devoted volunteers, we have identified, and are in ongoing discussions with, several potential venues located throughout the Delmarva Peninsula, located in Southern Delaware as well as on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are determined to not only keep our tradition alive, but to do so as close to our Sussex County roots as possible.

Most of all, we are determined to return to our roots as a family-friendly, fun and educational way to raise much needed funds for local, regional and national charities. We are working with all of our prospective host venues on common-sense safeguards and procedures to make sure that everyone on the field can have a safe, and fun, experience, while allowing us to minimize expenses, so that funds raised at our event can support our charitable partners.

If we are to continue as an organization that promotes agriculture and engineering, we need to focus on aspects of the event that are not marketable to landowners and government officials. To keep our insurance costs in check, find a home for our event, and make sure that we provide a safe and welcoming viewing experience for all fans, we will need to restrict free-for-all “BYOB” alcohol consumption at our event for daily spectators. This should not be a surprise since this has become a standard with other events and venues and would have been the case in 2015. We want those who desire an adult beverage to be able to have one, and we’re committed on working towards having vendors’ onsite. Tailgating and camping would still be allowed to have alcohol but it will be monitored as it has been done in the past.

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Please remember that our event is many things – a serious (and at times expensive) competition for our teams, a fun family day out, a great way to learn about physics. We are excited at the progress that we are making toward finalizing our 2016 venue, so stay tuned for another announcement soon!

Frank Payton

President … Punkin Chunkin

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