Snowstorm Shifts What’s In Store For Delaware

Weekend Forecast memes floating around Facebook are funny and this one is spot on

Well the first snow storm of the year is coming and the predictions have been all over the map, pun intended.  The hardest part is predicting how far north the storm would reach and how far into Delmarva.  As of Thursday afternoon we are looking at a shift more to the north and northwest which puts Delaware in the track for much more snow by Saturday afternoon.  Some of the maps are predicting up to seven inches and I have seen one upwards of ten inches.  This is total snow for the next three days.  It started flurrying in Milford about an hour ago.  The stores are getting stripped of bread and milk.  The state of Delaware started brining the roads yesterday to get ahead of things.


Snow totals for the weekend’s first storm of 2017
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So we are looking at anywhere from three inches to ten inches of snow, depending on how hard we get hit by the brunt of the second storm.  Personally I will take the larger amounts it is more fun.  Sunday it will warm up to around fifty degrees so the snow will probably be gone by Monday.  Don’t hold me to that just going by what I see on the weather maps.  Usually by the ninety six hour out time period the maps are pretty solid as far as their predictions.  We will keep you updated on the website with anything you may need to know for traveling.  Have a great weekend!

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