Shamrock the rescued seal is doing great.

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Shamrock the seal entangled in a mesh net and debris. Veterinarian Dr. Dee Holm removed the debris….. photo by Brian G. Peters

On Saturday a stranded seal washed ashore south of the Charles W Cullen Bridge.  Some people walking the beach reported it to the MERR institute, and the stranding team went into action.  These are the folks you need to call for stranded marine life in Delaware.  They can be reached by phone … 302 228 5029 … 24 hours a day, just leave a message.

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 I spoke with Suzanne Thurman about the rescue.  The seal whom was later named Shamrock, was entangled in a a mesh net and other debris.  The netting was around his neck and flipper.  Most likely he became entangled as a pup and grew into this mess.  The more he moved that tangled flipper, the deeper the mesh would cut into his neck.  Creating a three inch deep gash.  The mesh net did most of the damage, but there was fishing line and Mylar balloon ribbon tangled as well.  Once the mess was removed he really perked up, and the next day started taking food on his own.  That is a great sign, and he was then transported to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, NJ.

 They are not sure if the seal will need further surgery for the injury.  If you would like to keep up with the progress of Shamrock you can check in at the MERR Institute’s Facebook page.  This is one reason we constantly urge people to clean our beaches, dispose of trash properly, and stow their trash when storms occur.  According to the Suzanne Thurman most of their stranding reports come from anglers since they are always out there fishing.  Good to know people are on watch for our tidal water dwellers.

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