Seals showing up in the Delaware Bay


grey seal, ice breakers, haystacks, inner wall, outer wall, delaware bay, harbor seals
Seal seen at the ice breakers or haystacks by Jim Bell
grey seal, harbor seal, haystacks, outer wall, iner wall, safe refuge harbor, cape henlopen
Grey seal and a Harbor seal at the haystacks in January 2014 … photo by Sharon Lynn
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Over the weekend Jim Bell and his Uncle were fishing and a small seal popped up next to them while they were at the haystacks, or ice breakers.  They said it gave them a bit of a show, managed one picture, then the seal dove, and never popped back up again.  From the picture it is obviously a seal, but hard to tell if a harbor or grey, and is most likely a pup.  Eventually there will be many more here all over the outer wall, inner wall, and ice breakers.  It will look like a party out there.  There are a few that hang out at Masseys Landing every year.  Be wary of them in the water if you see them while boating.  They look like a small dog in the water, and no, you do not want to pet them.  In fact in Delaware there is a law that keeps people at least 150 feet away from seals.  This is especially important on our beaches.  They will occasionally come ashore and rest on the warm sands and nap.  Just like many of our tourists in the summer.  If you see a seal that is in distress or on a beach please contact MERR, the Marine Education, Research, and Rehabilitation institute,  so they can help keep people away from it while it rests.  Their number is 302.228.5029 text messages with details are preferred.  This is their (seals) natural habitat and in a way we are the intruders when they visit our shores in the winter time.  Not to worry, we don’t need to start closing beaches for seals, let’s not panic.  Last year one wandered up the Indian River Inlet bridge and was hit by a car, these are pups and are not used to man and our created environment, in fact they can be rather curious.  We have an Emergency Contact Page you might want to bookmark so you have many of these necessary numbers for future needs.  If a seal does come ashore MERR will usually create a perimeter to give the animal the required space.  Please respect that marked off area, granted we are the top of the food chain, but I also like to think we are at the top of the brain chain as well.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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