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57 pound striped bass, atlantic city, fall run fish, rockfish, rock the rocks, jetty jockeys,  fresh bunker
57 pound striped bass from the surf in Atlantic City … photo from Onestop AC

This fishing report is brought to you by Techno Goober in Lewes, DE.  They are the best in the business for all your web service needs.  It is ridiculous cold out today in the twenties.  The thermometer is hiding under the house and won’t come out till spring.  After the weekend we will be back in the 60’s I’m going to explode from temperature fluctuations.  Monday I had a meeting with the Techno Goober crew, and all the while I am watching it rain sideways, thinking today would be a good day to go striped bass fishing.  Corby called and said I am grabbing a few rods and headed that way soon, where do you want to fish?  I figured the point would be decent we weren’t getting away from the rain.   I told Frank  Payton we need to hurry up this meeting, I have to go to work!  I met Corby, we aired down and drove out to the point, bayside.  There was one guy out there fishing and the rain had let up, but the wind was increasing.  Corby baited up with fresh bunker and I started tossing metals and swim shads.  The birds were working the water a hundred yards out so we figured maybe we would see some action.  Corby had a knockdown but nothing produced.  I had a bump on a lure.  At least we were getting some action, but hoping for a fish.  Meanwhile Boots was south of us catching skates and spiny dogfish.  Corby had another knockdown and started to reel in a fish with some decent head shake, it threw the hook in the wash just at the edge of the first wave, when it rolled it looked like a striped bass.  Needless to say he was not too happy with that, I have video but it is not for children’s ears.  I asked him if he was holding his face right when he cast.  That got a good laugh.  He sent out more bait, I cast more lures, and the rain picked up like a deluge.  It was raining sideways and the wind was a steady twenty knots, the lighthouse disappeared.  Great freakin striper weather is all we kept saying.  Unfortunately Corby only pulled in a dogfish,  and once my hip waders were full we called it quits.  It was still a great day fishing despite a nasty day on the beach.  I need to up the rain gear inventory.


striped bass, shotry bass, port Mahon, Augustine beach
Rafael Vazquez striped bass from Port Mahon
east coast water temperatures, weather channel, fall migration, striped bass
Water temperatures on the coast from the Weather Channel as of Tuesday the 18th
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Where are all the striped bass?  I keep hearing that and seeing many showing up in New Jersey and south of us in Maryland.  So the question is are they just swimming past us, or heading up the Delaware Bay?  The fishing north of us in the upper bay has not been too bad near the 6L buoy, but nothing like last year yet.  That should change as more fish move farther south.  A few guys have been bouncing up and down route 9 catching a lot of shorts  and some keepers in the mix.  Rafael Vazquez fished over the weekend … “Ok didn’t make it out at 6, I waited for the sun to come out. But glad I endured the cold. I lost count on stripers I caught they are still hitting. But I’m beat LOL.  I started from Port Pen and worked my way down thru Augustine beach. Then hit some bridges on my way home. Not one keeper but had a blast. After the 16 I lost count they were hitting almost every cast. I jigged using swim baits gulp and white curly tail grubs. They hit the grubs the most. ”   The other day a 57 pound bass was caught from the surf in Atlantic City on fresh bunker.  That would beat the Delaware State record by five pounds.  The fishing in Jersey has been decent but not as hot as years past, and may are noticing the difference.  Sand eels have yet to make an appearance this year in the surf up there.  That would be a serious game changer if they would show up and come close to shore.  Where there are sand eels there are striped bass.  We have seals and snowy owls showing up in Delaware already.  The water temperatures have been dropping quickly.  Averaging fifty six degrees in the surf and the high forties in the Delaware bay and Inland Bays.   Fast dropping temperatures could be a factor in the sporadic catches we are seeing for striped bass.


delaware bay, lower alloways creek, buoy 6l, striped bass, rockfish, rock the rocks, boating forbass, fall run
Mark Mitchell .. 29″
Caught Saturday morning 11/15 at Lower Alloways Creek 6L buoy on Bunker

Tautoggin has been great for the charter boats out of Lewes.  Some bluefish are in the mix from sea bassin as well.  The Indian River Inlet is still decent action for short striped bass on the incoming tide and small bluefish.  The surf unfortunately has been mostly skates and dogfish.  Not much but junk fish out there, as many affectionately call them.  There should still be spotted hake or ling out there but everyone is fishing for striped bass.  A Top and bottom rig with squid or cut bait will produce the smaller winter fish.  Hopefully that changes by this weekend or Thanksgiving.  Seems that turkey day wekend is a good time for the surf to get better.  We started out in the beginning of the fall migration with a few keepers form the surf in Cape Henlopen, but that has dropped off dramatically.  Lots of shorts and even a flounder or two have been caught the past few days.  The Inland Bays are still producing shorts in schools you just have to find them and get out there, this crazy weather and wind has made that difficult.  Clamming is great for the commercial boys, and you can scratch crabbing off the list until next year.  Hopefully the warmer weather next week will make it more tolerable to fish, but don’t let that stop you, they are out there.  You just have to put in the time and endure the elements.  I finally dried out after Monday’s trip and will be back out tomorrow.  Today is just a tad too cold and I have some other work to do, but will be back in the office tomorrow.  Have great rest of the week and stay warm!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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