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Carrie Senkowsky … Done a little surf fishing today. Had a good time just being there and caught our first striper

The fishing for striped bass from boats has been off the hook when you get into the fish.  From Cape May to off Ocean City boats are finding schools of fish.  The 8’s, Overfalls and the outside area of the outer wall have been great places.  The Indian River inlet is seeing mostly short bass and a lot of shad, the fish have not moved in close to shore.  Mojos and stretches are the best trolling lures you can check out a charter or head boat in our directory the boats have been doing very well.  People have also been doing well drifting eels.  The inland bays and Delaware bay are still seeing lots of shorts caught all over the place.  Not only are the striped bass out there but so are a few seals.  The one that has been hanging around the outer wall latched onto a forty-three inch striped bass on the retrieve the other day.  The angler fought the fish and the seal, once landed, the fish had a lot of holes in it, and due to the slot limits the fish had to go back in and I am sure the seal finished it off.  The seal let go before the fish got the boat.  You never know how nature will attack your fish on the retrieve.  It happens all of the time.  Yesterday I watched a large gull chase a small rat (aka dock squirrel, name credit to Joe Sakaduski ) around the rocks at the inlet.  That explained why the gull didn’t move when I walked by him, it was preoccupied trying to catch its lunch.

Baitfish busting the surface at Indian River Inlet


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The point as seen on Mapitech an iPhone app
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The surf is like the dead sea as of late, not much but dogfish and skates are being caught.  However one angler didn’t let the skating rink get the best of him.  Michael Rogers sent this message to our Facebook page.  “Well I’m getting tried of fishin and not catching nothin but skate and little sharks and throwing them back …. With my love for cooking and eating seafood Yesterday me and my brother said what the hell…… So we brought one home I cut the wings off pulled the skin off, got the meet, battered it, and deep fried it …  I will never throw another one back in the ocean ”    Skate are excellent table fare and there is one restaurant in Rehoboth,  The Bramble & Brine, that  occasionally has it on their weekly menu.  If you want to try it and not deal with cleaning one give them a call and see when they are serving it up next.  Once considered a garbage fish, skate has become a hot commodity especially in the larger city restaurants.  I once saw it for sale for over ten dollars a pound, I have tossed a million dollars back in the ocean.   There have been a few decent shorts caught in the surf, mostly near the Indian River inlet and Naval Jetty in Cape Henlopen.   We are having random luck in the surf with white swim shads fishing the cuts.  Bunker has been the choice of bait and small pieces of cut bait on a top and bottom rigs could catch some spotted hake, another tasty fish to eat.  White perch action is great up north in the tidal creeks.

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Dedicated angler at the Ocean City Inlet … photo by Robert Banach of Ocean City Cool

We have a gale warning into Saturday night so getting out in a boat is going to be rough.   Winds will be gusting up to thirty knots out of the Northwest and will switch to the West into Saturday night into Sunday, but will be calmer as the weekend progresses.  Sea will be three to five feet swells at seven seconds off shore and next Wednesday we are looking at seas four to seven feet.  The water will calm down more on Monday and Tuesday but then pick up again on Wednesday.  Water temperatures are averaging fifty-six degrees offshore, fifty-four degrees for the inland bays, fifty-two degrees for the lower Delaware Bay, and fifty degrees for the upper Delaware Bay.  The low tide this weekend at Indian River Inlet will be around 8 AM and high tide will be around 3 PM.  We will have the normal December weather this weekend with lows in the thirties and highs in the low forties.  After the storm front moves through on Tuesday, it will warm back up to above average temperatures for Christmas with highs in the sixties and lows in the fifties.  I guess Heatmiser got his wish this year.  Have a great weekend.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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