Sailboat Anchored In The Indian River Inlet Rescued by Coast Guard

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Charlie Gardner posted this photo this morning of a sailboat stuck in the middle of the Indian River Inlet.  “The Coast Guard was working on removing the boat around 7 AM.  It looked like it was snagged.  They were well past the rail, this was during the middle of the incoming tide.”  We all started speculating on his post on the Delaware Surf Fishing Group page how this had happened. 

   After contacting a friend at the Indian River Coast Guard we found out that the sailboat captain had dropped anchor … in the middle of the Indian River Inlet.  The sailboat captain was unsure if he could make the bridge with the height of his mast, so he dropped anchor.  The coast guard managed to get them into the inlet and to a pier.  The weather today was a serious concern, especially if you are anchored in one of the top ten most dangerous inlets in North America.  I think IRI has moved up to 5th or 6th place on that list.

Indian River Inlet
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This guy is lucky he didn’t get smashed to pieces on the rocks.  Kudos to the coast guard crews they have a tough job, even when it is only two hundred yards from their station.  The Indian River Inlet is one dangerous animal.

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