Road Rage Stops Firework’s Traffic In Lewes

Everyone online is complaining about the town of Lewes getting all jammed and jacked up with traffic last night after the fireworks.  Some people sat for over two hours in their cars in the park (Cape Henlopen) and an hour and a half at the Ferry terminal.  Traffic was at a standstill.  All day people have been complaining about it.

This si why … Apparently there was an “incident” where two drivers decided to have words and start fighting at an intersection at Cedar Street.  So before anyone goes blaming the town of Lewes or the Police department.  Blame these two hot heads for going full meatball, and holding up everyone.  It only takes one, but in this case it took two.

If you want to avoid traffic in Lewes during an event, park out-of-town and ride in your bike or walk.  People who parked at the baseball fields and walked in were home in time to watch the traffic jam on the Deldot cam and of course Facebook.  Take an Uber.  People need to realize there are limited ways out of that area and a lot of traffic takes time.  Add an accident or incident in this case and you will increase that time exponentially.

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I heard the fireworks were fantastic and a great success.  Looking forward to trying to catch them next year.

Just Sayin’

Rich King

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