Rehoboth Beach Issues Swimming Advisory


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Rehoboth Beach 4:45 Pm on Thursday afternoon August 24

Today DNREC issued a swim advisory for Rehoboth Beach.  The cause is stated to be from wildlife, meaning birds feeding along the shore line,  and their droppings creates an elevated bacteria level.   I have a problem with this since there is hardly any natural food living along, or in that beach due to replenishment.  My guess would be from run off or other sources, however it hasn’t rained too heavy in a few days but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be the cause.  Because it poured at my house inland yesterday.  Enterococcus bacteria can cause digestive illnesses in animals and people with immunodeficiencies.   They will test the water again tomorrow and evaluate the situation from there.  Once the bacteria levels drop to a safe level, the advisory will be lifted.  You can check for advisories on DNREC’s website.     It will e the red star that indicates there is an advisory, yellow stars means an all clear.

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