Rehoboth Beach Closes For Piping Plovers

It was bound to happen.  Those little birds sure can shut down a beach.  All it takes  is a sighting and a possible nest.  Next thing you know a half mile of beach is closed.  The beaches at the avenue have been invaded by piping plovers.  They decided they wanted to hang out on the walk on beaches and skip the drive on beaches this year.

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Piping plover chicks from an earlier beach-nesting season /DNREC file photo

We get tired of listening to the fishermen bad mouth us and call the family chicken, so this year we decided to try one of the nation’s cleanest beaches.  We read about it on the internet.”  said Paul Plover father of several soon to be extinct children.  “We really do taste like chicken, and figured it would be safer closer an abundance of Thrasher fries instead of a  beach devoid of life.  This way we hope gulls will eat more fries and less of the children.”  

The plovers said they really like Rehoboth Beach better and just want to be treated like any other shore bird.  “Except those red knots, that family is a little crazy, but you would be too if you were stuck in the car for nine thousand miles with your kids for a week.   We should be out of here by mid July and then you can have your beach back.”

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Happy Easter!  Yes it is April Fools day but imagine if this actually happened.

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