Protecting Your Fingers From Braided Line

Casting braided line and even thin mono-filament can cut your finger to the bone, especially when you are constantly casting lures with hard or heavy casts.

Now you have braided line and you find out the hard way you need finger protection.  Braid can literally cut your finger to the bone if you try to cast it like mono-filament.  Even thin mono and wet fingers can get cut up, so what is the best protection?  If you know how to cast, using braid without protection is not always an issue, but casting heavy lures or bait, then protection is a must.  Otherwise you could slice the end of your finger off.

braided line,casting finger, protecting from cuts, KT tape
KT tape on my casting finger, just the tip that holds the line need be covered.

There are several ways to protect your fingers from braid by using gloves designed for using braid to medical tape and the old trusty finger guard.  The joke online is to use electrical tape, it doesn’t work, and eventually gets sliced. It is also slick, and stiff which makes it difficult to hold the line.
  Hockey tape and medical tape are a favorite and cheaper to use.  Gloves work, but if you surf cast a lot that one finger will wear out quickly.  Then you are back to using tape, because you can always get more tape cheaper than a new glove.  The problem is most tape is not that flexible. The KT tape is very flexible.

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A buddy of mine introduced me to KT tape last year and I really like how it works.  It is more expensive than medical tape or hockey tape, but the flexibility is amazing.  I can’t even tell I have tape on my casting finger.  The flexibility is perfect, you can bend your finger and not lose any circulation.  KT tape comes in a roll or you can get it in a roll of cut up segments.  We cut that segment in half to use.  A few wraps is all you need.  it is available at all pharmacies, such as Rite aid or Walgreen’s, in the first aid section. It is also at Walmart.

fingerguard, casting protection for your finger, delaware, sussex county, surf casting, surf fishing
Finger guard on casting finger, great for bait and wait casting,not surf casting.

There is also the trusty finger guard you can get at most tackle shops.  It is made from a piece of leather with a flexible material on it to slip onto your finger.  Kind of like a Chinese finger cuff, but it doesn’t stick to your finger.  It works great if you are just casting bait in the surf.  I would not try to use it if you are casting over and over again.  You could do that but you would have to tape it to your finger, there is that tape again. When you are bait casting there is ample time between casts, tape or gloves would be overkill.  This is an inexpensive way to cast without spending much money.

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