Pre hurricane Sandy surf fishing Delaware

redfish, red drum, delaware surf fishing, cape henlopen state park
Julia Ann with a Redfish from the surf today at Cape Henlopen State park

By now you have heard there is a huge storm headed our way.  If you haven’t heard, then now you know, and if you have a boat in our waters get it out ASAP.  Some folks have said in a back cove it will be fine, that is not the case.  Dan Satterfield put up a prediction that the waves could possibly surge over 3 feet above the mean high tide line for the Lewes, DE area.  That is not good for any of us in the surrounding beach communities.  I am staying at Broadkill Beach, and Sandy could be very bad for these smaller coastal communities built behind dune lines, that are surrounded by low lying marshes.  I am not even sure how Mark Dunn’s house will fair when Oak Orchard floods again.  Whatever he has been able to fill in will all wash away, possibly his house, and part of the street.  Everyone here is preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.  Last year admin 1 and I waited Irene out in The Riverside Bar and Grill.  This year I plan on being mobile in case I have to move quickly. I hope the storm fizzles out by the time it gets here, and I definitely hope it does not landfall right on top of Delaware   Even if this storm hits land above Delaware, it will “stack up” water in our bays just like a Nor’easter.  Those floods can be worse than hurricanes.  The storm of 62 caused a lot of damage to many of the coastal towns.  There are still boats in a forest near my old house that floated into the woods, and could not be retrieved when the water went down.  Everyone be safe, try not to panic, and take care. This is being sensationalized by the media, and has now been dubbed Frankenstorm.  Just in time for Halloween, trick or treat has a new meaning.

striped bass, striper, rockfish, delaware surf fishing, cape henlopen state park
Striped bass caught in the surf today by Jason Duncan
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So what do I do to prepare for a hurricane?  Get everything you would need to camp for a week, make sure all batteries are charged for the power inverters, flashlights and radios.  The most important thing to do before a hurricane when you live on the coast … go fishing.  Storms tend to push fish ahead of them, and since hurricane Sandy is coming from the south, there is no telling what she will push this way.  Jason Duncan and crew were on the beach today in Cape Henlopen State park hitting redfish, blues, shorty stripers, skate and a small dogfish.  Jessica Duncan learned the hard way to not “lip” a bluefish, it happens, and only once.  They had a good time on the beach today, and were one of only two vehicles out there.  Brandy Parker of Parker and Son HVAC was surf fishing yesterday and hammered blue fish all day long, she also hit 2 shorty stripers.  She said her arms felt like they were going to fall off from all of the catching.  That is a great day in the surf for anyone.  A few folks have asked me today, is it worth even trying to fish on Saturday.  I only know this for sure … the storm is coming, we do not know exactly where it will land.  The predictions are putting it on top of or near Delmarva, basically Delaware.  Saturday 11 foot seas are predicted off North Carolina’s coast and the storm will push a “wave surge” this direction.  I know a few folks whom will be out tomorrow in the surf.  I am going to the park beaches on Saturday just to see the conditions, and possibly get a line wet.  So far things here are normal, just overcast and chilly today.  The past 2 days were summer like weather, and probably the last we will see of those days until May.  Stay safe, we will keep you updated.

Fish On!!

Rich King

  1. capt.frankdanner says

    Rich, I hate to see pictures of fish, which have been dragged through the sand. It might help, if you made a comment about not doing this, and explain how to properly land and handle fish, which are to be released. This pictured Striper is too small to keep.

    1. Rich King says

      I know and hate that as well, I will see what we can do on instruction for landing fish in the surf. Will let you know when we are going to do that, might need some help. Thanks for the heads up.

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