Saltwater Fly Fishing in Delaware for flounder and striped bass

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“Flattie on a Fly Rod.” …. Neil Parry …..

People are always amazed when I tell them I know people that fly fish in saltwater.  “Really? Peoplle do that?”  Probably due to the fact fly fishing is always associated to trout fishing in freshwater mountain streams.  Many of you remember the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware club I visited with every Saturday in the winter.  These boys fish both fresh  and saltwater.  Fly fishing the flats, surf, rail, rocks, even in a boat.  I know many saltwater fly anglers, and they have been out there all summer, but are excitedly waiting for the big stripers to show, or are they?  Catching a strong shorty on a fly rod is very exciting.  Neil Parry was fishing Cape Henlopen today … “Well, the flounder bite was surprisingly good on the flats at high tide. They were hitting the white feathered bait fish imitation you see in the fishes mouth. I caught and released three of them and missed a 4th. This guy was a keeper, the others just a hair under. Only other thing I’d add – I’m pretty sure I saw a school of what looked like needle fish out there today. …?”  You can keep up with Neil and his adventures on his blog … Fly & Gin, A Fly Fishermen’s Tale.

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Captain Chuck Cook (center) Don Avondolio (right) and Roy Parks (left) Fly Fishing Charter with First Light Charters … photo by Alan Rosenberger

If you would like to try fly fishing from a boat, you need to contact Captain Chuck Cook of First Light Charters.  He is an avid fly angler and member of SFAOD club.  His boat is perfect for fishing on the fly … “Rich, Here is a fishing report from the other night ….. Joe Marvich of Williamsburg, PA. fly fished I.R.I. with Capt. Chuck of First Light Charters.  Joe managed to catch 22 stripers using deceivers with a 325 grain sinking line.  No keepers but several quality fish in the mix.”  Thanks Chuck.  Recently he also took Don Avondolio and Roy Parks, members of SFAOD, fly fishing aboard First Light Charters.  They had a good time bouncing from one spot to the other near the Indian River Inlet.  They were into a lot of fish but had a hard time keeping bluefish, due to leaders breaking off.  They got into a nice variety of fish to finish out the night.  We will have more fly fishing reports coming to you soon, now that many of these boys can get out there with less competition for fishing space.  They can take up a little bit of an area, whipping that rod around, definitely cuts down on your neighbors.

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