Post Hurricane Jose Fishing And Here Comes Maria

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A pompano Henry Busby caught on Saturday at the beach.

Despite Hurricane Jose near the coast, the fishing was not too bad until the waves really picked up and then it shut down for about two days.   Once the water calmed down the parks opened the beaches for vehicles.  When they were closed you could walk on and fish, we tried for bluefish and hit a few small ones, but for the most part the waves were just too big and fast.

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     This week we get to deal with hurricane Maria and we are hoping she doesn’t do the same as Hurricane Jose   The back bay areas, creeks, canals, and Cape Henlopen fishing pier had all of the action during Jose.  Mostly due to the fact you could get to the water, and most of the fish either went deep near the surf or came into the back bays and canals looking for food.  Maris as of right now is pushing fast waves against the coast of Delaware and the wind is picking up.

      Now that the water has calmed down the fishing went back to the what it was before the storm and hopefully the same will happen after Maria.  Yesterday at the point Mike went 53 casts for 53 fish, all blues up to sixteen inches.  It was a lot of fun out there.  I have been blasting stripers around the Indian river on light gear and that has been a lot of fun.  Every morning we get on the water and have some fun for about two hours, then go start the day.  Baitfish are thick around the inland bays.  Even getting those blues back here as well.

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Creepin while you’re sleep in striped bass caught by Dave Eastburn.

Short striped bass are in the surf and area waters. Schooling up and feeding heavily already, they are preparing for the fall run. A lot of our resident fish in these schools are keeper sized upwards of twenty-nine inches.  The surf is more active at night or predawn hours.  Those fish like to feed close to shore in the dark.  Sand fleas is a good bait at the rock walls and jetties.  Swim shads or plugs that look like and  mimic mullet are working the best. Anything with a mullet pattern is working.  Around the Indian river area peanut bunker are the bait of choice if you can mimic them with a swum shad or other soft plastic.

    Flounder action is still good offshore and even at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier a few keepers a day are being caught live lining mullet.  There is a lot of mullet in the surf of the bay beaches and ocean beaches around Cape Henlopen.  The flounder are just sitting there waiting for a meal to pass by.  Inland bay action has been slow but there are random keepers among many a throw back.  Shiners have been the preferred bait or gulp.

     There are still triggers on the wrecks and reef sites.  Even the Cape Henlopen fishing pier is still seeing trigger fish being caught by the patient anglers.  You can sight fish for them.  Look along the pier poles when you see a trigger feeding on the creatures living on the poles, drop a small piece of clam to them on a small hook.

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Cody Gallien with a bull red drum he caught at Assateague over the weekend.

Bull red drum are running Assateague island and the action has been decent for the anglers putting in the time.  This happens for a few weeks every year then the fish continue on their migration.   Some of the largest have been in the forty plus inch range.  They are too big to keep for the slot limit, but a lot of fun to catch.

    Spot, kingfish and croaker action at the Cape Henlopen pier has been good this week after the water calmed down.  Bloodworms are the preferred bait but fish bites will get the job done.  There are still a lot of sand perch in that area as well.  These are not being caught readily in the surf but more in the bay beaches and pier areas.  There are a good amount of small black drum )puppy drum) in the surf.  Pompano are even still here hitting fishbites or bloodworms.

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Kingfish at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier … photo by Dave Beebe

This is the time of year you can catch fall and summer fish at the same time in our waters.  One of the advantages Delaware has for fishing is the fact we are in an area that sees all of the migratory fish and some of the rarer gulf fish all in one area.

    Get signed up today for the first annual Chillaware Surf Fishing tournament on October 14th.  The tournament is limited to 125 anglers since we are only using the southside beach and 3Rs surf fishing beaches.  Space is running out fast get signed up now.

We are keeping an eye on Maria and at this point she is just sending us waves, wind, and rain.

Fish On!

Rich King

Station 44009 (LLNR 168) – DELAWARE BAY 26 NM Southeast of Cape May, NJ
5-day plot - Wind Direction Wind Direction (WDIR): NE ( 40 deg true )
5-day plot - Wind Speed Wind Speed (WSPD): 17.5 kts
5-day plot - Wind Gust Wind Gust (GST): 21.4 kts
5-day plot - Wave Height Wave Height (WVHT): 5.6 ft
5-day plot - Dominant Wave Period Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 15 sec
5-day plot - Average Period Average Period (APD): 5.6 sec
5-day plot - Mean Wave Direction Mean Wave Direction (MWD): SSE ( 153 deg true )
5-day plot - Atmospheric Pressure Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.98 in
5-day plot - Pressure Tendency Pressure Tendency (PTDY): +0.02 in ( Rising )
5-day plot - Air Temperature Air Temperature (ATMP): 69.6 °F
5-day plot - Water Temperature Water Temperature (WTMP): 71.6 °F
5-day plot - Dew Point Dew Point (DEWP): 69.1 °F
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 10 meters (WSPD10M): 19.4 kts
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 20 meters (WSPD20M): 19.4 kts

Tide Indian River Inlet …

2017/09/26 Tue 01:04 AM 2.54 H
2017/09/26 Tue 06:48 AM 0.72 L
2017/09/26 Tue 1:39 PM 2.93 H
2017/09/26 Tue 7:58 PM 0.90 L
2017/09/27 Wed 01:53 AM 2.45 H
2017/09/27 Wed 07:36 AM 0.85 L
2017/09/27 Wed 2:34 PM 2.88 H
2017/09/27 Wed 8:59 PM 1.00 L
2017/09/28 Thu 02:49 AM 2.39 H
2017/09/28 Thu 08:31 AM 0.93 L
2017/09/28 Thu 3:33 PM 2.87 H
2017/09/28 Thu 10:00 PM 1.03 L
2017/09/29 Fri 03:49 AM 2.40 H
2017/09/29 Fri 09:31 AM 0.94 L
2017/09/29 Fri 4:33 PM 2.90 H
2017/09/29 Fri 10:54 PM 0.98 L


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