Please Take DNREC’s Inland Bay Dredge Survey

DNREC has a survey online about dredging the inland bays. They are working on prioritizing what ares need the most attention, by collecting as much information as possible. You can help by telling them how you use the bays in their survey.

I spent two months surveying stakeholders for the administration in Dover about dredging the Inland Bays in a report. Not one person said they didn’t want the bays dredged, even Captain Clarke Droney of Tow Boat US Indian River. He is pulling the same boats off different sand bars on the same day. That costs his company money, time and wear and tear on gear. The survey will be available until Octboer 31st.

From the DNREC web page … Developing a Methodology for Prioritizing Dredging Projects in Delaware’s Inland Bays ”

The Division of Watershed Stewardship (DWS) within Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is developing a methodology for prioritizing dredging projects in the Inland Bays. With increased demands on resources and decreased federal funding available, the DWS is working to cultivate a data-based approach for prioritizing dredging projects to ensure that navigational channels are kept open and safe.

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The DWS is working on a list of criteria that can be used to measure and prioritize proposed dredging projects. The criteria under consideration are listed in this questionnaire (in no particular order). We request your assistance by rating the proposed criteria as well as answering some questions about how you use the Inland Bays. This will help the DWS prioritize data collection and better understand activities and use within Delaware’s Inland Bays. Click here to take the survey.

Developing a Methodology for Prioritizing Dredging Projects in Delaware’s Inland Bays survey

I am looking forward to seeing the bays dredged in key areas, all the channels and maybe some other areas that just need it in general. The inland bays are not only important for tourism, but it is a natural filter that keeps our bays and waterways clean and thriving. We need to keep it clean and protected, not filled in and dying off.

Take the survey, even if you only use the bays once a year. They need all the help we can give them, and done the right way they will thrive and support more life than they are now.
Did you know back in the day the channel near Masseys in the Rehoboth Bay was over forty feet deep and had all kinds of fish we don’t see in it anymore.

Fish On!
Rich King

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