Pennywise May Or May Not Be Roaming New Castle County

Pennywise may or may not be roaming New Castle County

By Shauna McVey

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Pennywise comes to life in New Castle County

Stephen King’s original “It” is my all-time favorite movie. Well, the first half since that’s the only part my parents recorded on VHS when the miniseries aired in 1990. Pennywise launched my love of scary movies and books, but I think we’d all prefer if he stay on the screen or page and not roam northern Delaware like was reported last night. Good thing I moved to Sussex.
A friend of mine posted a picture of a public safety alert for “a suspicious male walking around with a balloon, looks a lot like the IT clown – possibly armed” on Concord Pike in Wilmington just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, March 27.  What?


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IT, pennywise, stephen king, delaware, new castle county
Pennywise the main character from Stephen King’s IT

My friend said she monitors emergency services communications via the Scanner Pro app, and received a notification about real-life Pennywise in New Castle County. An hour later she’d heard no further update and assumes it’s been cleared.  We can only hope.
We’ve got a call into Delaware State Police to see what, if anything, came of this clown sighting and will post that information if we receive an update.
For those who also enjoy non-real-life murder clowns, Part I of an “It” remake hit theaters last year and was just as scary as the original. I still have no idea how the book/movie ends, but look forward to Part II of the remake when it comes out in 2019.

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