Parks’ Car Trap Is Working

The red signs at the beach drive on accesses seem to be working. We are still seeing cars on the beach, but not as many this year, or so it seems.

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New Warning sign at Faithful Steward Crossing

Conquest beach has a sign, but it is at the curve of the access. Cars have to make it that far to see the sign. Fortunately for the cars, and our entertainment, the vehicles can’t make it that far. There is a soft spot mid way up the access that grabs cars.

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Car stuck in sand, the owners decided to walk to the beach …

If they can’t read the sign they don’t know to not drive their car on the beach. Nailing them before they can even read the sign is genius. So far this sand trap has gotten a baker’s dozen of cars.

This guy is stuck in the soft spot at Conquest.

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