Got Mullet?

Mullet are more and more active around the inland bays. There are large schools moving around. Time to dust off the cast nets and hit the flats. Look in the back bay areas, Masseys ditch, and the flats especially. Get your DS Custom Tackle Modified Mullet Rigs, the holder hook keeps you from feeding so many fish and hooking up more. Lose less bait, catch more fish, even double up at times.

Mullet caught in a cat net in the back bays. These are huge compared to the average size of two plus inches right now.

Mullet schools are easy to find. Just look for the water with the streaks moving along the top, the schools move rather gracefully. Throw your net ahead of that disturbed water. The streaks in the water will give you an idea which direction the fish are headed. The streaks look like arrows in the water pointing the way.

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Cast netting for mullet in Rehoboth bay
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The mullet are perfect size for mullet rigs for the surf. Or using them as cut bait. You can chunk them or filet. The filet is easy to use as bait, leave the skin and scales on the filet. Some anglers are convinced you should filet them fresh.

Mullet caught in the inland bays by Ryan Henry.

Large tubs can be used or coolers too keep mullet alive. If you see tubs on a truck’s surf rack is usually live mullet or spot this time of year. Get the cast nets out it is time to go after mullet. Soon enough they will move into the Delaware Bay and beach areas at the point and flats.

Fish On!
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DS Custom Tackle Modified Mullet Rig hooked into the fish’s eye sockets

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